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Re: Fear from Las Vegas Locals

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 20:56:37 -0800
Subject: Re: Fear from Las Vegas Locals

Miles Johnson wrote:

> A broadcast friend of mine, also an abductee, Frankie McClaughlin of
> radio station Q102.9FM, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, was at the NAB, in
> Las Vegas recently. He wanted to get to Area 51 and see the "aliens".
> He asked around for some stuff on the site, and A-le-Inn.

If the information came from the Little  A'Le'Inn or Las Vegas cab drivers,
then it must be true.

Let's see: the author has a friend who talked to cab drivers who told him
some stories that no doubt went through several other secondary sources
first....  Sounds like proof positive to me.

> Of FEAR:-  lists of missing persons.  Stories of Greys in the desert.
> Stories of trucks forced off the highway near Boulder,.. and Saucers
> sitting in the middle of the road.

Could we hear any of those stories?

Where is Boulder?  Closest one I know of is Colorado.  Were accident
reports ever filed on those trucks forced off the highway?  Did the
insurance companies pay up?

> I was up at Beaver Damn just off Mesquite 2 years ago.  We "smelt" the
> aliens.  Saw about 16 small red lights, and "shimmers".

I'm curious: What does an alien smell like at Beaver Damn?

> My S-VHS Camcorder was burned out... its autofocus circuits were over
> loaded.  My Flash gun on the Canon was destroyed.

Were these items later repaired?  What did the repairman say was the
cause?  Did Miles save the burned out parts for later analysis?

> The local guide said the place was some kind of Grey base,..  but with
> interdimensional aspects.

Who is the "local guide" in the Mesquite area?  As a board member at
MUFON Nevada, I'm not aware of anyone with a UFO interest out there,
certainly no one claiming to be an expert or guide.  (When UFO convention
comes to town, it is interesting how many "local experts" come out of
the woodwork.)

> In Cornwall, down the old mines, they called them the "Knockers".  Our
> guide to the area, had his gun, and flaslight (we call it a torch in
> Ireland).. ripped out of his hand, by an unknown alien figure, before
> fled for his life, down a glass like tunnel, in the area.

Are there any traces left of this glass tunnel?  Where was it located?

> Locals told my friend never to go out, without at least a group of 10 or
> more, as too many people are disappearing.

How many is "too many"? If we had the name of just ONE of those
"disappeared" people, then maybe we could follow up on it.  That's a
specific claim that could be investigated.

In all, sounds like Art Bell material!

Sadly, none of this stuff has ever happened to me in the four-plus
years I've been lurking in the Nevada desert... but don't listen to me
because I'm a GOVERNMENT DISINFORMATION AGENT (confirmed by the Little

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