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Tikaboo Hike April 27, 1997, Everyone Invited

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 07:52:49 -0800
Subject: Tikaboo Hike April 27, 1997, Everyone Invited

Everyone in the world is invited to a free public hike of Tikaboo
Peak, an 8000-foot mountain overlooking the secret Groom Lake air base
at Area 51 (and offering fine views in all other directions as well).
We will meet at 9:00 am, Sunday, April 27, 1996, at milepoint LN 32.2
on US-93, about 86 miles north of Las Vegas. The hike is sponsored by
the Area 51 Research Center.

This is our first Tikaboo hike of the season and our fourth year of
public hikes here. The climate in April should be pleasant -- not too
hot or cold -- although there could be a risk of windy weather.

WARNING: This is a moderately strenuous 1-1/2 hour hike (and one hour
back). It should not be attempted by people who are not in good
physical shape. Experienced hikers or people who get regular exercise
you should have no trouble, but this is not a hike for smokers or
couch potatoes. The vertical distance traveled is less than 1000 feet
and the hiking distance is less than two miles, but at 7000-8000 feet
every step can be exhausting for those who are used to sea level.

If you are coming from Las Vegas, you need to leave town around 7 am
to arrive at the meeting point in time, and you probably won't get
back until evening. To reach the meeting point from Las Vegas, go
north on I-15 (Salt Lake City direction) for about 20 miles to the
US-93 exit, then go north on US-93 for 66.8 miles to milepoint LN
32.2. (Mileposts are marked every mile by small white signs on the
side of the road.) The meeting point is at a minor dirt road (marked
only by a stop sign) between the Lower and Upper Pahranagat Lakes in
the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. This location is about 0.3
mile past the well-marked entrance to the refuge headquarters. If you
arrive later than 9 am, you can try to catch up with us by following
the dirt road west from here, but there is no guarantee you will find

After meeting at the highway, we will drive west on a good dirt road
(suitable for any vehicle) about 25 miles to Badger Spring. 4WD
vehicles can proceed about 0.5 mi beyond this point.

This location is public land many miles from the military border, so
encounters with authorities are unlikely. Feel free to bring a camera,
although you'll need a telephoto lens to capture any of the secret
base. Area 51 appears as an ordinary Air Force base 25 miles in the
distance, and only a few large hangars are visible with the naked eye.

BRING. You should come prepared for both hot weather (short pants and
sun hat) and cold (jacket and long pants). Weather should be no higher
than the 80s or cooler than the 50s, but the sun could be intense and
it could be very windy. Sturdy hiking shoes, short pants, short-sleeve
shirt, a wide-brimmed hat are essential, and you need to bring at
least 3 quarts of liquid on the hike. Telescopes are needed for
viewing the base, but there should be enough of them among the group
that not everyone needs to bring one.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel rooms in Las Vegas can be scarce and expensive
on Friday and Saturday nights. If you are not camping, we suggest
staying at one of the I-15 hotels in Jean (800-628-6682) or Stateline
(800-367-7383); Vacation Village in Las Vegas ($55, 800-658-5000) or
in one of the few motel rooms in Alamo (702-725-3371). Camping is also
a reasonable alternative, although you should be prepared for
temperatures as low as freezing at night.

DISCLAIMER. You are responsible for your own safety on this outing.
The organizers of this hike accept no liability whatsoever for any
loss or injury.

TIKABOO INFO. You can also hike Tikaboo anytime on your own. Complete
information on Tikaboo Peak can be found in the "Area 51 Viewers
Guide", available for $15 plus $4 postage from Area 51 Research
Center, PO Box 448, Rachel, NV 89001, or 702-729-2648. For more info

Cellular phones work fine at the highway meeting point and at the
summit but not in-between. We will have one with us, so if you have
any problems on the day of hike, try that phone at 702-523-9374 (the
day of the hike and the day before only!).

GPS Coordinates:

   Highway Meeting Point (US-93)  37d16.815' 115d07.070'
   Intermediate Road Points       37d12.463' 115d11.662'
                                  37d18.901' 115d17.747'
   Badger Spring                  37d20.807' 115d20.436'
   Trailhead                      37d20.887' 115d20.767'
   Tikaboo Summit                 37d20.650' 115d21.462'

For more information on Area 51, see


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