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No Alien Landing on April 24 [Off-topic]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 13:44:51 -0800
Subject: No Alien Landing on April 24 [Off-topic]

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 03:56:57 -0700
From: (George Wingfield)
Subject: NO Alien Landing on April 24th !

Bulletin 21: "There will be NO Alien Landing on April 24th..."

I predict that there will be NO extraterrestrial landing on
Thursday, April 24th 1997, the alleged precursor to a 1998
series of cataclysms.  I am quite prepared to stake my
reputation on this and furthermore to predict that there WON'T
be any earth-shattering cataclysms in 1998 --at least, no more
than the smattering of natural disasters that we usually get.

Some of you may remember the following bulletin which was
circulated by Richard Boylan at the beginning of 1996 and
which I have just rediscovered in an old e-mail file :-

>->  SearchNet's   i_ufo-l   Mailing List
> Frm: (Rich Boylan)
> For: All
> Org: QST BBS - Sacramento's Premier Ham BBS (1:203/730)
>       An informant I call Beltway Throat (BT), who lives in
>the shadow of the power center of the world (Washington,
>D.C., in case you thought it was Sedona), reports on his
>recent interview with Chickadee of the Aviary, (the retired
>Naval intelligence Commander C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.). Dr.
>Jones has reportedly provided BT with additional details
>concerning events which the Aviary believe are upcoming.

>      It is reported that the predicted extraterrestrial
>landing on Thursday, April 24, 1997 is a precursor to a 1998
>series of cataclysms.  Furthermore, the 1997 Landing is the
>last chance for The Powers That Be (human governments) to
>allow their populations to know about extraterrestrial
>visitation; otherwise, the ETs will not be able to assist
>human-kind in mitigating and surviving the 1998 cataclysm

>      BT says that the U.S. Power Structure is aware of the
>warnings about the 1998 cataclysm series.

>      Massive human and planetary destruction is the default
>course of events; unless we (our governments) invite ETs to
>appear openly on Earth, the ETs will not be able to prevent/
>mitigate the 1998 cataclysm series.  The ETs want to be
>invited in a peaceful way. They are not going to impose
>themselves on us forcibly.

>      BT did not go into detail about the nature of the 1998
>cataclysm series, except to say that it is composed of events
>partially of technological origin and partially of natural
>causes. When I suggested that the 1998 cataclysm series could
>include massive seismic events, increased volcanism, global-
>warming, weather extremes and enlarging ozone-hole radiation
>effects, BT did not dispute that view.

>      Dr. Jones's opinion is reportedly that the resistance
>to admitting extraterrestrial visitation is significant in
>the Developed Countries, but that many in the Aviary worry
>about tyrants in the Third World countries, who would
>violently resist the threat to the status quo (theirs) pre-
>sented by open acknowledgment of extraterrestrial presence.

>      Commander Jones reportedly offered two scenarios of how
>the aviary would deal with the reported extraterrestrial
>landing on April 24, 1997.

>      Scenario One would have a coalition of Insiders (the
>MJ-12 leadership, the Aviary and Las Vegas billionaire Robert
>Bigelow's NIDS Institute) constitute an elite contact group,
>who would be self-appointed as earth's representatives, and
>negotiate with the extraterrestrials during the Landing. (BT
>did not identify what NIDS stood for, and laughed when I
>humorously suggested that NIDS stood for NSA Intelligence
>Disinformation School.) I strongly protested that such an
>elitist approach as Scenario One would be repudiated by both
>humans and the Extraterrestrials.

>      Scenario Two, according to BT, would be that a "Blue
>Ribbon Panel" be set up as the Contact Team to negotiate
>between ETs and humans. I emphasized that such a Blue Ribbon
>Panel would need to be broadly representative the peoples of
>the earth, and should be democratically selected with
>(bodies) of worldwide membership, such as the United Nations
>could do. BT sounded diffident that the U.N. would undertake
>such an effort.

>      BT said that Dr. Jones passed on the rumor that Christ
>was an ET, and that the returning ETs might present the
>Christ Consciousness figure to the Christian world.  Christ-
>ians in turn might become so taken with the Returning Christ
>event, that they ignore taking direction from their govern-
>mental leaders, thus leading to social chaos. I pointed out
>to BT that the original Christ avoided getting involved in
>the secular government of his day, and advised people to
>"render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that
>which is God's"; i.e., acknowledge that government had its

>      BT said that there is a rumor that Bob Bigelow's NIDS
>Institute has a UFO artifact, and will be bringing that into
>public view as an attention-getting device, to make the
>public aware and focus in on the UFO/ET phenomenon. There is
>the possibility, in my opinion, that such waving around of a
>piece of a UFO could manipulate people into giving the MJ-12/
>Aviary/Bigelow NIDS Institute undue power to negotiate with
>the extraterrestrials on behalf of the rest of us.

>      Thus far the Aviary "leaks" for now.  As always, use
>your own personal good judgement and discernment.
>                                       - Richard Boylan, Ph.D

>[Permission to cross-post/export/reproduce fully is hereby
>granted to all]

I don't know whether Dr Jones has repudiated this nonsense or
whether this item, which was circulated on the Internet, has
been disavowed by those whose names are associated with it.
Like so much else that we receive on the Net these days, it is
fiction rather than fact, or, in other words, pure bullsh*t.

Whether this fiction springs from the fertile imagination of
Richard Boylan or from the alleged informant "Beltway Throat"
is irrelevant; I suggest that both of them belt up.  There
will be no alien landing on Thursday !

A similar forecast of massed alien visitation came recently
from Dr Courtney Brown whose Farsight Institute remotely
viewed the alleged companion object trailing behind Comet
Hale-Bopp.  This, he reported, was a huge alien spaceship
several times the size of Earth and headed here with the
intention of landing.  This forecast, and similar warnings
from another charlatan called Lee Shargel, generated near-
hysteria in some quarters until it became clear that there was
no companion object travelling with the comet.

A certain Chuck Shramek from Houston originally set off this
fever regarding the comet's companion when he photographed a
"Saturn-like object" (SLO) near the comet on November 14th
1996.  This was in fact a star (SAO 141894) but his 'Megastar'
computer software showed no such stellar object in that
position since it had been erroneously listed as non-stellar
(i.e. as a nebula or galaxy, etc.)  Had he looked at it
through his telescope again an hour or two later, it would
have been perfectly clear that the "SLO" was not travelling
with the comet (which would have moved perceptibly) but was
part of the background of fixed stars.  But evidently he
didn't look; it is said that cloudy skies in Houston then
prevented further observation for at least a week.

He sent the image to Art Bell.  From then on Courtney Brown,
Lee Shargel and others scrambled to get in on the act of
predicting alien spaceships and alien landings signalled by
the arrival of the comet.  Internet hoaxers had a field day
adding luminous objects to photographs of the comet and
posting them on the Net or sending them to these gentlemen who
feverishly found that their predictions were confirmed.  There
is no need to describe the resulting hubbub in cyberspace and
the ensuing alien invasion hysteria.

Chuck Shramek is well known as a practical joker although I've
been assured this was not a practical joke.  He was very upset
by the attention his image caused and it is said he was badly
affected.  Nevertheless one should ponder the fact that his
business cards, printed some months before all of this, bear
the enigmatic legend "I was right about the comet".

Certainly he cannot be blamed -- as some have done -- for the
mass suicide by 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult. Their
web site statement of position, which is still accessible and
unchanged (, begins:
'Whether Hale-Bopp has a "companion" or not is irrelevant from
our perspective ..."  The comet was seen by them as a marker
indicating that the time had come "to leave this world and go
with Ti's crew [on a UFO to the Level Above Human]".

Marshall Applewhite's cult, first of all named HIM (Human
Individual Metamorphosis), and later Heaven's Gate, was
started in 1975 and their belief was always that they would
depart from this earth in a UFO, following resurrection of
"The UFO Two", Applewhite (known as "Do") and his wife, Bonnie
Nettles ("Ti"), who died in 1985.  All of this is described in
Jacques Vallee's excellent book "Messengers of Deception"

The tragic consequences of this eccentric belief system could
probably have been foreseen even back then and it is only a
wonder that the cult took so long to make its dramatic
departure.  Far be it from me to deplore other people's
strongly held beliefs which seem so at variance with the
general perception of reality.  All that has been said above
merely confirms that many people ardently wish for alien
intervention or to be rescued from their humdrum existence on
this planet.  However that doesn't mean that it is just about
to happen.  I say again: There will be NO alien landing on
April 24th !

George Wingfield
April 23rd 1997

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