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Book on the Great Basin

From: Rich Thomson 
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 14:55:40 -0800
Subject: Book on the Great Basin

I've just started reading a book on the natural history of the Great
Basin (a physiographic area of the western US roughly bounded by the
Sierra Nevada on the west, the Oregon/Nevada border on the north, the
Wasatch Range on the east and the Colorado river on the south).  Its
quite interesting reading for anyone who spends a great deal of time in
the G.B. (which includes the entire state of Nevada).  Here are the
details on the book from

    The Desert's Past : A Natural Prehistory of the Great Basin
    by Donald K. Grayson
    Hardcover, 356 pages
    Published by Smithsonian Inst Pr
    Publication date: October 1,1993
    Dimensions (in inches): 11.24 x 8.76 x 1.15
    ISBN: 1560982225

    Book News, Inc., 02/01/94:
    A thoroughly informed but highly accessible narrative
    synthesis of the environmental and human history of the Great
    Basin--a 165,000 square mile region centering on Nevada and
    including substantial parts of California, Oregon, and Utah.
    Grayson recounts the historical development of the Great
    Basin, reconstructing the defining environmental features,
    cataloging the existence of such mammals as lions, camels,
    and mammoths, and discussing the rise and fall of huge lakes
    that were once found here. He also characterizes some 11,500
    years of human history within the Great Basin, in the context
    of the past environments of the region. Includes b&w maps
    and photographs. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc.
    Portland, Or.

    Table of Contents
    Ch. 1. Discovering a Great Basin
    Ch. 2. Modern Definitions of the Great Basin
    Ch. 3. Glaciers, Sea Levels, and the Peopling of the New World
    Ch. 4. The End of the North American Pleistocene: Extinct
        Mammals and Early Peoples
    Ch. 5. The Late Pleistocene Physical Environment: Lakes and Glaciers
    Ch. 6. The Late Pleistocene Vegetation of the Great Basin
    Ch. 7. The Late Pleistocene Vertebrates of the Great Basin
    Ch. 8. The Great Basin during the Holocene
    Ch. 9. The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Great Basin
    Ch. 10. Historic Archaeology and the Donner Party
    Ch. 11. Cougars, Cheatgrass, and the Natural Landscape
    Appendix: Concordance of Common and Scientific Plant
    Literature Cited

[Glenn, you might want to consider adding this item to your catalog.]
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