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Great Stone Face -- evidence of alien presence?

From: Rich Thomson 
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 11:00:07 -0600
Subject: Great Stone Face -- evidence of alien presence?

In the desert of west central Utah (just south of Delta on US 50) is
a rock formation called the "Great Stone Face".  When viewed in profile,
it does indeed look like a face.  Seeing this always makes me think
of the "Face on Mars" claims that such a feature could not be naturally
formed.  Well this particular rock feature is proof that things looking
like human faces are indeed naturally occuring.  (Many other strange
"beings" can be observed in Utah's Goblin Valley state park, just north
of Hanksville.)  I have an old guide to sights in Millard County (where
the stone face is located) which contains a picture of the face.  I'll
be happy to scan and post on the web if there is interest.
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