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Another book for military secrecy buffs: Deep Black

From: Rich Thomson 
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:24:07 -0800
Subject: Another book for military secrecy buffs: Deep Black

Deep Black is another book I've started reading, and it has been
recommended many times by space/satellite buffs as one of the best
books about military satellite surveillance technologies, etc.

    Deep Black
    by William E. Burrows
    Reissue Edition
    Mass Market Paperback
    Published by Berkley Pub Group
    Publication date: December 1,1988
    Dimensions (in inches): 6.90 x 4.16 x .98
    ISBN: 0425108791

    They are on the cutting edge of technology--the top-secret,
    billion-dollar instruments of super-power espionage.  They
    are spy satellites--the means by which the super-pwers keep
    tabs on each other in the deep black of space.  "Excellent . . .
    Highly recommended!"--Booklist. HC: Villard.

I suppose its a little dated now, having come out almost 10 years ago,
but I bet most of the hardware described is still in service.  Plus,
things like operational methodology and procedures, while refined over
time, are unlikely to have undergone major change.  I found a copy in
a used bookstore, so you shouldn't have to pay cover price for it if
you are patient.
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