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Mailing List Name Change

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 20:42:50 -0800

Beginning with the next message you receive, the name of this
mailing list is changing from AREA 51 to UFOMIND.

The reason for this change is that "Area 51" -- the base in the
Nevada desert -- is no longer our main focus. Instead, we intend
this list to serve more of a supporting role for the Ufomind
website. All the topics previously covered by the AREA 51 list
will be covered on the UFOMIND list, but we want more flexibility
in posting messages that are not connected to the original

More info on the expanded topics of this list will be posted here

For email subscribers, the only obvious change is that "AREA 51:"
in the title will be changed to "UFOMIND:".

There will be new addresses for submissions and subscriptions...


   Subscribe/Unsubscribe requests:

To unsubscribe from this list, send the word "unsubscribe" in the
body of a message to the address above.  (However, unsubscribe
requests may not work for the next few hours.  If you continue to
receive messages, try unsubscribing again.)

As part of the transition, you will probably receive a message
with the title "Command/Request Response".  This message can be

Messages will continue to be archived at, although this could change
later. If the archive address changes, only new messages will be
stored at the new address.  All existing messages will remain
archived at their original URLs.


| UFOMIND MAILING LIST - A moderated forum for selected topics
| - G. Campbell, Moderator
| "unsubscribe"/"subsingle" to: <>
| Submissions to: <>
| RELEVANCE OF THIS MESSAGE: List administration

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