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Skywatch Board Member Defends Col. Wilson

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 22:23:54 -0800
Via: Tom Adams <>
Via: "Skywatch International" <SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 16:42:52 +0000

Dear Fellow Skywatch Members and Other Interested Parties:

I visited the UFOmind site and find it meets the needs of many persons
involved in the UFO field. What bothers me, is that some of it has
become a means for cowards to slander others, namely Colonel S. Wilson.
I wrote a letter to the UFOmind site ( and hope they
post it. My letter follows:

I think your site is an extremely valuable site, except that part of it
seems to have become a sounding board where some persons can attempt the
destruction of another's character without being held accountable for
their vicious actions. I think that calling others liars, nazis, wayward
shrinks, and being personally insulting, is just a wee bit below the
normal proper levels of behavior. It violates the rules of successful
mediation. Heck, I'll even say it sounds like children. I think actions
by certain parties that are trying to destroy other ufo groups is rooted
in prehaps their desires (hidden agenda)to make themselves the all
powerful ufo guru, maybe to keep their little following, or maybe even
an attempt to keep a cash flow headed towards their greedy little
coffers. If some of these people, like the ones who go around speaking
negativly about Colonel Wilson (or other persons/groups), had the
skeltons in their closets rattled, I bet they would yell, "Foul!" I
would like my comments here posted on your
site. I want those gutless cowards who spend their time trying to
destroy others (not just the Colonel), to know that we who visit the
UFOmind site are not idiots. We know those accusatory persons must have
some problem in their lives that they are not correctly dealing with.
Instead of finding the problem within where it lies, they are striking
out making another the brunt of their anger. If some of those poor
mislead souls would spend just a portion of their time helping those who
are in need, humanity would move up a notch don't you think? Why do some
people, and you know who you are, spend so much of your time trying to
destroy? Why do you not try to build? The power from accomplishment is
much greater then that which comes from destruction. I hope that my
comments are not a waste of time and that someone learns from this. I
have spoken to the Colonel by phone, mail, email, and I am one of the
few people who have met the Colonel in person. People are excited when
they find we met and ask me questions. I
will answer some of them here. When we first met, it was at a crowded
resturant. I walked in, looked at all the people. I walked up to a man
and said, "You must be Colonel Wilson." (Amazing how I was able to do
that huh?) Yes, he appeared ex-military, however, there are those I
thought were military that were not. We sit for hours, drank coffee, and
discussed many things. He was like many of the other "legends" in the
ufo community, part truth, part fiction, but still amazing. He told me
he had cancer and had a certain amount of time to live. I carried that
time with me, as I felt that if persons knew the short time, they would
become unsettled. Maybe I should have told them, but then again, maybe
it was up to him to tell who his wished to know. He told me he wanted to
help Skywatch International get started, but that he wanted it to be
managed without him. He wanted Skywatch International (SI)to be a ufo
group that was willing to share information and work with other groups.
He wanted the organization to be honest and fair in their dealings. Did
the Colonel and I talk of many things? Yes we did. Why did he open up to
me? I do not know. I do know that something about me causes people to
believe they can confide in me. At times it is a blessing, and sometimes
like a curse. I believe many of the things the Colonel related to me.
Now when he took on this certain look, got a twinkle in his eye, and
smiled this smile, I knew the baloney was about to start. He then said
some things which I believed we both knew, the other knew, was bull.
Just a little fun between us as we bonded. How much of the Colonel is
baloney? Some of it I am sure. But I really don't need anyone to come
around cutting him down. We all have our heroes, but if I were to tell
you negative things I knew about George Washington, Ambraham Lincoln,
John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, John Wayne, Evel Knievel,
George Custer, or another certain hero of yours, what do I accomplish? I
rather tell you the good things that your hero did. I would like to see
us raise ourselfs above the bickering, deceit, power plays, and
destructive behavior, to that of understanding, caring, and helping each
other. What ever you may think of the Colonel, what he started is grand.
You will not destroy it. (END)

Thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read this letter.
There are those of us at Skywatch International that are working on
making this an organization that we all can be very proud of. But we
cannot do it alone. We must al work together and be supportive.

SI now has two addresses. One for membership and the other for
adminstrative fuctions. We will be having an SI web page. The former SI
page is now "The Colonel's Page." As you can see, we have a new email
address for posting letters.

There have been a few problems getting the mail out, but we are working
on it.

If you are not a member, and are interested in helping to support all
that we are trying to do her, email me at;  and I
will USPS or email you an application for membership. It will soon be
available off of my "always under construction" web page located at

All the work is done by volunteers, but it does take funds to operate
the organization. As soon as our tax exempt status is approved as a
non-profit corporation we will let you know! But you can join now and
become a part of a new beginning of a new age in ufo groups. Fairness,
honesty, and working together with a common goal.


D. "Pappie" Michael
Proud Member of the Board
Skywatch International


4757 E. Greenway Rd.
Suite #103-84
Phoenix, AZ 85032

PO Box 801
Leander, TX 78646-0801

[ Pappie's URL: ]

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