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Underground Railroad from Mercury to 51, Navy Insider Claims

From: "John M. Nelson" 
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 13:50:59 -0800
Subject: Underground Railroad from Mercury to 51, Navy Insider Claims

Last week at my business in Reno, I met a new customer by the name of Dave
who is a retired Navy officer and who claims to have worked at NTS and
lived at Mercury from 1979 to 1986.  He said he worked on several non
nuclear projects which included occasional trips to Groom Lake/Area 51 via
an underground rail system which ran 6 to 8 times daily from Mercury NTS
area to Groom Lake and also ran to other places which required additional
security clearance.  Do you or anyone else out there know if this could be
true?  He also claims that he was only allowed to "level 8" at Groom Lake
and to access below this required special clearance.  He did not claim to
work on any extra terrestrial projects, but that rumors were rampant that
several "non terrestrial" flying craft were under study.  Anyone have any
input or comments?

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