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"Project Preserve Destiny" by Claimed Gov't Insider

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 14:00:32 -0800
Subject: "Project Preserve Destiny" by Claimed Gov't Insider


A new Ufomind link page has been created for author at

On the basis of the intro below, I'd say we're in for some fun.  It
looks a lot more coherent than "Catchers of Heaven," which was a
disappointment.  At least this author knows how to explain things.

Let the analysis begin....


Project Preserve Destiny; Insider Account of an Alien Government Cover-up

Spending 12 years in the United States Air Force, D.L. Sherman became
deeply involved in one of the most classified projects in military history.
His involvement was more than just a military assignment, it was his life.
He and a handful of others were chosen before they were even conceived
in the womb (in cooperation with the US government), to be genetically
altered for the purposes of being able to "intuitively communicate" with an
alien race whom our government has been in contact with since 1947.

In "Project Preserve Destiny; Insider Account of an Alien
Government Cover-up," Mr. Sherman chooses to break the silence
that has gripped the military classified community for 50 years so that the
river of alien related information can finally begin to flow.

                      - The Book -

The following is the Introduction taken from Project Preserve
Destiny; Insider Account of an Alien Government Cover-up;

The story documented in this book is an authentic 1st level account of the
existence of aliens. My hope is that it will be considered by historians as
the book that opened the gate to the flow of relevant and concrete
information regarding the existence of life other than the type with which
we are commonly familiar.

The release of alien information into the public domain has been a gradual
process. I'm convinced this story will turn what has been a trickle of
information up to now into an avalanche of 1st level accounts.

What do I mean by 1st level accounts? Within the government there is a
core of individuals who not only know of the existence of alien life but
are working with the aliens, as a human/alien group, with several goals in
mind. Anyone who is or has been part of that group is considered to be
"1st Level." Personnel who serve in a support function to the 1st are
considered 2nd Level and are unaware of the link between their jobs and
the alien connection (they work with the cover or 'Black' missions.) In
addition, they are only referred to as "2nd Level" by 1st Level people.

It becomes even more complicated. Within this classification system there
are separate and distinct categories within the Levels called "Steps" which
directly correspond with your "need-to-know." For example, I believe a
story that came out quite awhile ago from a man who claimed he had
worked on the propulsion system of an alien craft while working with US
Naval Intelligence was a 1st Level account at the 5th Step, which is the
lowest of the 1st Level Steps. His story is the only one that I have come
across that appeared to have possibly come from a 1st Level experience
but his need-to-know was so little that we couldn't get an accurate picture
of the alien project he was working on solely from his story. Which,
indeed, is one of the purposes the protectors of alien information created
the Level/Step system.

In writing this story, I had to take certain precautions regarding classified
information. I will attempt to make the story as complete as possible but
there will be gaps of information that will seem obvious and somewhat
frustrating to the reader. One of them being the sequence of events in
relation to where I was stationed. Even though the actual geographical
locations of where I have been stationed is not classified, relating them to
certain inferences in this book are. This book is not an attempt to
undermine the security of our nation. Everything I write in this book is
relevant only to my involvement with Project Preserve Destiny (PPD).
PPD has nothing to do with national security but has everything to do
with a government who unjustifiably feels the need to protect us from a
particular area of alien gathered information. (Referring only to PPD.
Other alien projects may be classified for good reasons.)

You'll be surprised to know that PPD is NOT classified. (For clarification
purposes, I'm sure there are many alien projects but I will refer to PPD
for that is the subject of my story.) At least not in the traditional sense
where you would see classified markings on PPD documents. Instead,
they have in place what's called the "onion effect."

Within the center of this "onion" is the most highly regarded and the
highest of classified projects of which only a handful of people know
about (Level 1). The center of the onion always contains the alien projects
of which, I'm sure, there are many. In most cases, even the commander
of a site is not aware of the alien project.

Going one more layer out from the middle, you come to what's
commonly referred to as the "Black" mission (Level 2). The alien projects
effectively hide behind the existence of these other highly classified
missions. The existence of "Black" missions is only known by a handful
of Congressmen and the President. This "Black" mission is the last line of
defense for the alien projects. Wherever an alien project is located there
MUST be a "Black" mission to cover it's existence from prying eyes.
Otherwise the alien project would eventually come under scrutiny.

On our journey to the outside of the onion we come to yet another layer;
the "Top Secret" layer (Level 3). It is this layer that hides the existence of
the "Black" missions. Still further we have the "Secret" layer (Level 4)
which shields the existence of the "Top Secret," followed by the "For
Official Use Only" (Level 5) layer and last but not least the "Unclassified"
layer. The Unclassified layer is typically the one that is presented to the
public. The other higher layers are to keep people within the
government/military establishment from finding out what they don't need
to know. It's called compartmented information.

It's interesting to note, there are never any classification markings on
documents related to alien projects. (At some point in the past they
stopped. Early alien related documents probably had classification
markings.) This is the rationale: If alien related documents were marked
with classified markings and someone were to get their hands on one, the
markings would lend credibility to the classified nature of the document
thereby revealing the truth. If there are no markings on any paperwork
and it falls into the wrong hands it has no substantial credibility. This is
what's called "plausible denial." Everyone assumes that classified
information has classified markings, right? Besides, there are so few
people exposed to alien projects that the documents can easily be
accounted for by other methods.

When someone is assigned to an alien project they are also assigned to the
collateral "Black" mission (cover mission). One of the reasons for this is
if someone were to reveal any alien information, by extension they would
most likely reveal something about the cover project and it would be on
this basis that someone would be prosecuted for divulging classified
information. By setting it up this way the government is able to
effectively silence and discredit someone without ever having to
acknowledge the existence of the alien project. This is why I must be
careful in revealing my story. Not only do I NOT want to be subject to
prosecution, I also have no desire to jeopardize our nation's security by
revealing any collateral "Black" mission information.

Besides fear of prosecution, another reason why someone would think
twice about revealing any information is that there is no physical evidence
readily accessible that would enable someone to verify the validity of their
story. So in coming forward with my story I risk not being believed and
outright ridicule as well. I have decided to take that chance because I
believe the story should be told and someone from the 1st Level must take
that first step to get the avalanche of information started.

When I first learned of Project Preserve Destiny and my role in it, I was
very proud. Imagine being in a position of knowing what I knew, that
aliens actually DO exist. Especially because of all the publicity, in recent
years, that has surrounded the subject of aliens. Then imagine finding out
that you'd been given the ability to communicate with them on top of it
all. Then to make matters practically unbearable, you knew you wouldn't
be able to tell anyone. More importantly, even if you did tell someone,
you risked being thought of as crazy. Well the time has come. It has taken
several years of soul searching but I have finally decided to make your
story known.

I say "your story" because it is just that. The information revealed in this
book is important to the future of man. I know this sounds grandious, but
it's true nonetheless. It will be interesting to learn what the world will do
with the facts written about in this book. Finding out we are not alone in
this universe is exciting, but the other things you'll learn from this story
may not be so enchanting. There is always a price to pay for knowledge.

After reading Project Preserve Destiny; Insider Account of an
Alien Government Cover-up, you'll know why I say......

                                 "take comfort in their presence."

[Continued on site. Price of book is $15 plus postage in "pre-release"]


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The book being released soon is titled "Project Preserve
Destiny; Insider Account of an Alien Government Cover-up."
The company is being tight-lipped about a lot of it right now,
but according to their web page and other sources I've talked
with this book is going to blow the lid off the whole government
conspiricy community and shed light on what is REALLY going on
finally.  Be sure to visit the web site to see what they say
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My reader number, which you will need to order your book,
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Good luck and happy trails!!



My question: Did the person who wrote the book also write this
marketing document?  Look at how they are both talking about "levels."

Gee, what fun!  The only question now is whether I should actually
buy the book.  I suppose it is required to play the game. -- GC

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