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Re: DOE database searches

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 16:15:08 -0800
Subject: Re: DOE database searches

>I just did some searches of DOE's Opennet database for 'groom ADJ lake'
>and found two interesting documents. The first refers to a map and I post
>it here because maybe the map is part of the document that someone can
>request (there were several references to maps)--here is one

To get any documents in the Opennet database, it couldn't be easier.

All you have to do is call DOE up at the number given and give them the
"Accession Number".  They'll send it to you right away -- usually for free
for short documents.  Apart from the fact that you have to fish for
documents and can't actually browse through them, their customer
service is excellent.


>Location of Document:
>       DOE/NV Coordination and Information Center, P.O. BOX 98521, City:
>       LAS VEGAS, State: NV, Zip: 89193-8521, Phone:
>       (702)295-1628, Fax: (702)295-0877, EMail:
>Accession Number:
>       NV0007499
>       NV0006662

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