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Spaceball Update from Steve Douglass, etc. [2 msgs]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 16:16:35 -0800
Subject: Spaceball Update from Steve Douglass, etc. [2 msgs]

Subject: Intercepts Net News: Spaceball Update
Date: 97-01-31 10:52:03 EST

Finally, the tape of the "spaceball" shot by KENS TV in San Antonio arrived

Here are my impressions.

Watching the Guadalupe sherriff's dept. and the USAF safety recovery team
handle the space ball it is clear that it is hollow and some kind of tank.
 The color of it is dirty silver to dark grey. Reminds me a bit of the same
color of a piece of titanium alloy I have that came from an SR-71 fuel tank.

The ball is streaked with black and yellow, pitted and has a long crease on
one side ( about a foot long.) A melted looking valve of some sort sticks out
of one end with what looks like a countersunk hexagonal nut ( 5 inches in
diameter) on the surface of the ball at the base of the melted valve.  There
are small pits and gouges in the sphere but  it is in remarkably good shape
for having supposedly survived reentry.

Two USAF officers ( looking  like lieutenants) loaded the ball in the back of
a USAF pick up truck marked " SAFETY" in big white letters. One of the
officers looks like he's  taking a reading  of sorts by using a small device
with blinking red lights  (about the size of a photographers meter) and
aiming it at the ball.
( Geiger counter?)  They declined to comment on camera or otherwise.

Following the footage of the ball was amateur video of a streak caught going
across the sky. I don't think the streak has anything to do with the ball. It
was shot Jan 15 at 6: PM. If you will remember, a woman reported that she saw
a fireball in the vicinity of where the spaceball was found when she was
going to work in the early morning.

The streak in the sky is interesting though.
It looks like a long orange comet ( it was shot at sunset) Although the video
is shaky you can see the long orange contrail clearly. Looks very much like a
high flying aircraft dumping fuel. The streak is traveling too slow to be
meteor . I've seen F-111s dumping fuel over Amarillo that are very similar to
this, but this contrail is much longer and higher in altitude.

The "funniest" part of the video is the interview with the two sherriff's
deputies who were called out to the scene. They both look like dumb-bubba
Barney Fife's straight out of central casting.

One says although he didn't know what it was , and was a little scared when
he first saw it ... he says he still was "brave" enough to rap it with his
night stick.

In my opinion this is not a very bright thing to do .. but try telling a chaw
for brains, podunk deputy. They loaded the thing in the back of their patrol
car and took it to the NWS office in Sequin because they had no idea what
else to do.

The crater the ball left is a little strange. I would have thought that if
the ball was a piece of space junk , it would have made a bigger and deeper
hole. The hole itself is just a little wider than the ball, about three feet
across. There is a surrounding crater ( like a rim) of tossed earth and sod
surrounding the hole.

The ball would have only been buried in the hole half way. Still pitchers
taken by the sherrif's team before they removed it showed the crater and the
ball, but the ball is not in the crater. It is sitting in a slight depression
on the lip of the crater as if it hit and bounced out.  A perfectly round
depression lies at the bottom of the crater which is only about two feet

 I've seen craters bigger than this made by practice bomb at the Melrose
Bombing Range, some going down hundreds of feet. But this thing left a
remarkably shallow dent in the soft earth for a thing of its size and weight,
slamming in from outer space. Looks like it wasn't dropped from over a
hundred feet up.



From:   MS
To: ('Campbell')
Date: 97-01-31 16:34:50 EST

I happened to be in S. Texas last weekend and read about that thing in
the San Antonio paper. They even ran a picture.

In short, the Air Force couldn't identify it but had no interest in it
either. They planned to return it to the rancher that initially found it.
One of the local MUFON guys in Seguin wanted it for his museum and was
trying to talk the rancher in to giving it to him.

It looked decidedly man made. It was a large silver sphere with a weld
around the middle and screws sticking out of each end. There was some
sort of stem (i.e. valve) on one end. It was hollow.

It reminds me of an expensive version of the spherical vacuum reserviors
GM puts on some of their cars. Lift the hood on any 1980's GM product and
there's a plastic ball in there that looks very similar. Maybe some
aircraft uses a similar device and it fell off.

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