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Big buildings and things that aren't there

From: Tom Mahood 
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 04:11:41 GMT
Subject: Big buildings and things that aren't there

On Wednesday, January 29, I made another trip up Mt. Stirling to see if I
could get any photos of the "Big Building"  of Nye Canyon I and a number
of others  saw from up there on our last trip in October.

The weather was exceptionally clear, the best I've ever seen from up there.
A high pressure area was in the process of developing.  The problem was that
it was cold and windy.  Damn cold!  Oh, did I say it was cold?

I hit the snow line at the end of the passable road, where we parked last
time.  Walking on up the road, the patchy snow quickly became solid and
deeper, and by the time I reached the mining area where the road completely
ends, there was about 8" of pretty crusty snow.

I slogged up the slope for a while, perhaps getting half way to the top.  At
that time there was over a foot of snow, and it was a postholing situation.
I figured that was high enough and found a clear outcrop, sheltered somewhat
from the wind.

As mentioned, visibility was fantastic.  The far northern reaches of the
Test Site were clearly visible, all the way to Rainier Mesa  (the old EPA
farm could be seen), and even Tikaboo was sharp.   I think the 700 gate
was just out of sight behind a rise in the topography.

I spent quite some time having a look at the "building".  Given the clarity
of the view, I'm now satisfied it's actually an eroded sedimentary layer or
rock outcrop we saw.  I saw a lot of other similar features in the vicinity
that were clearly natural formations.  It looked to be a lighter colored
horizontal strata that became exposed and weathered, with vertical sides,
much like a small butte.  Either that, or there's a entire subdivison of
these things out there, and that's where the saucers are being kept.  This
is what my government handlers are paying me to say to you guys....

Also, I checked with a few folks who might know of the existence of such
a thing, but no one had ever heard of it.  So that blows that.

Papoose Lake just sat there, looking uninteresting, as it always does.  Not
a saucer to be seen anywhere.  But they never are when I'M around!
They always know when I'm in the Spring Mts. and keep the hangar
doors down.  These guys are sharp!

I took a lot of photos of both Nye Canyon and Papoose, but they mostly
turned out very disappointing.  It looks as if the camera
malfunctioned after a while due to the cold.  Also, the quality of shots
though the scope left a lot desired.  I also malfunctioned due to the cold.
After a few hours, I was shivering so hard I couldn't get a steady view
though the scope, so it was time to leave.   Ain't hypothermia grand?

 As I headed down, the golden light appeared, so I stopped again at the
mining site.  It turns out a good hunk of Papoose Lake is visible even
from that lower location, and it was well  lit.  I could clearly see two
structures of some sort that seem to be in the lakebed, about the size
of a guardhouse or wellhouse.  On my first trip, when it wasn't so clear, I
thought I could see some sort of structure in the lake, but wasn't sure.
Probably nothing interesting, but seeing something is better than nothing.

Anyway, no more photo attempts of Papoose for me.  That's been froze out of
my system.  Squatting in the snow, high on the side of a mountain, in the
cold wind, taking lousy photos of something that isn't even there in the
first place, brings a remarkable clarity of  thought.

Although with a quality lens, maybe.....


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