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Re: "Project Preserve Destiny" by Claimed Gov't Insider

From: Mark Deeker 
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 10:48:49 -0800
Subject: Re: "Project Preserve Destiny" by Claimed Gov't Insider

Hi Glenn,

This is Mark Deeker, the guy who sent you tip on PPD.  I went to
your web page and read your posting regarding PPD.  I appreciate the
exposure from a business stance.  The only way I can build that
"recommendation bonus" is if people use my number when they order.

But I have to comment about the negativity regarding the "pyramid
scheme" comment.  Sure, I'm just as unimpressed with all these MLM
companies as well.  But this one is admittedly impressive in that they
don't claim it to be a "business opportunity" in a traditional sense,
but simply a "finders fee" if you will.  I think it's pretty cool
myself.  I think they've latched on to something here as far as
maximizing exposure.  I only wish it was me who had thought of it and
signed up the book.

Which brings me to one more topic.  You expressed skepticism over whether
I was DL Sherman or not because I mentioned "levels" in my autoresponder.
I WISH I WAS THIS GUY, SHERMAN!  I explained the way the whole thing
works based on how the publisher's webpage explained it.

I found out about PPD because my sister knows someone involved with the
company publishing the book.  They're a brand new company and this is
their first product.  She told me this Sherman guy was shopping around
for a house to publish his book, but was unimpressed with the numbers
people were quoting him. So he hooked up with my sister's friend's
friend who had the idea for this Word of Mouth Publishing company but
didn't have anything high profile enough to launch it.  The rest is,
or will be, history! (Hopefully anyway!)  I can't hide the fact that
I'd like to make a mint out of this, but to tell you the truth I'm
pretty giddy about the book as well.

Waiting in anticipation.....

Mark :)

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