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Department of Energy (DOE) Convoys

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 10:48:55 -0800
Subject: Department of Energy (DOE) Convoys

From: [Withheld by request]
Subject: Department of Energy (DOE) Convoys
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 10:03:41 +0100

Many years ago 60 Minutes did a segment on nuclear weapons convoys and
couriers.  The segment covered transportation over the interstate system as
well as the protection afforded these weapons.

A special purpose vehicle, such as a Suburban, was shown being utilized. If
memory serves me correctly, a minimum of two vehicles were/is used.  A lead
vehicle as well as one or more trail vehicles.  Each vehicle carried a
"team" consisting of 4-5 heavily armed security personnel.  Deadly force
was/is indeed authorized!  And yes, gunports were indeed located on the
trailer I believe, as well as on the escort vehicles. There were no markings
on any of the vehicles for obvious reasons.

In addition to M-16s, the security personnel also carried grenade launchers
and at least one large calibre (.50 cal) machine gun, as well as sidearms
and shotguns.

I'm sure that today these persons and vehicles are equipped with the latest
weapons and gadgets-some we may not even realize exists or are in use eg.,
hi-tech laser weapons.

Security couriers are civil service (GS rating) employees. I believe
starting rating is a 7 for these positions.  Check with a Federal Job
Information Center for exact qualifications, etc.


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