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Re: Underground Railroad from Mercury to 51

From: Jere Lawrence 
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 14:27:02 -0800
Subject: Re: Underground Railroad from Mercury to 51

A tube train??

Well, all I can say is that Groom lake must have one immensely large
budget, underground rail systems cost about 2.5million dollars per mile.
Not forgetting the fact that a private sector construction group would
have to have built it.

The engineering involved in this kind of construction besides being
beyond the abilites of standard military is complex and involves a large
number of men.

It would also have taken a long time to do.

If someone was serious about tracking down the existence, look at old
area photographs for signs of severe soil disturbance, excess water in
areas, (these are all signs of underground construction) and most
importantly an entrance! :)


Jere Lawrence

He who is known as an early riser need not get up until noon.

> The alleged tube train is said to connect Coronado with Area 51/Groom Lake
> at the Nellis Air Force Range in Nevada, 255 miles to the east.  The Navy
> has of course denied the existence of the tube train, or any other
> "underground bullet train".  However, at a further news conference on
> Friday March 29, Soren claimed to have received phone calls telling him to
> "shut up about the train".

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