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Explosive Tests at Soccoro and White Sands

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 19:51:03 -0800
Subject: Explosive Tests at Soccoro and White Sands

Picked this up on the IUFO mailing list, giving background on the
northern end of White Sands.  It is a response to a vague posting
asking for information "south of Alburquerque."  The geography on
this posting gets a little confusing: It isn't clear whether he
is talking about Stallion Site or the mountain above Socorro.

Note reference to President Bush making a visit as VP.  He was probably
also checking up on the local flying saucer program, meeting with aliens,

Stallian Site is a complex of buildings at the far north end of
White Sands.  You can see it from the road you take from Socorro to
Alamogordo. -- GC


From: (A G Barker)
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 12:51:21 EST
Subject: Re: south of Albuquerque

I went to college in Socorro, N.M. and know a (very) few things that went
on there.  For one, there are a few organizations in connection with N.M>
Institue of Mining and Technology in Socorro.  One is the Center for
Explosives Technology Research, another is Terminal Effects Research and
Analysis.  Both of these are research/contractors that are involved in
explosives/weapons research.  When I went there in the mid-80's there was
alot of things going on.  There were missle tests, shock tube research,
shape charge research, SDI research including plasma energy testing (
from what I heard ), depleted uranium shots (with 155 mm guns).  They
would set up plates of steel several inches thick and fire into then. The
velocity would be timed by lasers.  The shells would literally burn
through the steel.  There were explosions on the mountain overlooking the
school on an almost daily basis.  The mountain is full of Gov. Contracts
such as General Dynamics and Mac Donnel Douglass, etc.  Bush flew in by
helicopter one day when he was V.P.  I knew a guy who took part of a test
which was to simulate above ground nuclear blasts.  They built a town of
houses, drive ways, sod lawns and mahoganey staircases (they simulated
town was approx. 1/4 mile across).  They proceeded to blow it up using a
nitrate bomb.  That took place at the Stallion Site at White Sands which
is about 35 miles away and the entire town thought that there was a
nuclear detonation.  One summer we built a copy of a certain gov.t
building and they blew it up with 3 shots from a large gun.   Onther fun
thing that happened was they had a captured Soviet MIG and blew that up
with I am not sure what.  They were very proud of this as they had photos
of it in the public hallways.In the photo you could see molten metal
shooting out from the impact site.  It was very impressive.  As fun as
all this was, however, there were some darker things going on, however.
In the testing areas there are towers that have red flags on them, which
are put up if there is going to be any testing, so people stay out of the
area.  There were several occasions where students were blown up as a
result of being sent into the area by mgmt. when there was testing going
on.  In each case the flags were not up.  I myself was sent into such an
area and I turned around.  I knew a student who was nearly hit by a
missle.  Other things funny at that college are that the head of the
computer system (at the time) was a Mainland Chinese student who was a
member of the communist party in China,; there was a large laser in the
Material Science Bldg. that used uranium for some reason and there were
2kg of uranium being watched by, get this, a Turkish student who was
officially an officer in the Turkish Army. Also, there was a young man
who was a very nice guy who became a campus police officer.  He informed
me, and several other people that there was a lot of funny stuff going on
and that he was investigating these things.  Then, on a hunting trip,
while leaving the hunting area, a guy in the group was "unloading" his
.45 and accidently (yeah) shot him straight through the heat, killing him
instantly.  There is alot of cloak and dagger stuff that goes on in the
Central N.M. area, but wjo knows the extant?  I'm sure that there are
other things going on, and this is probably not what you were looking
for, but I hope that this is intersting nonetheless.

Believe nothing...listen to everything!!!

>On Fri, 31 Jan 1997 20:14:11 -0700 (MST) Jilain <>
>->  SearchNet's   IUFO   Mailing List
>Hi everyone.
>This  may sound a bit strange, but I need to know if anyone out there
>has heard of anything "strange" going on in the area south of Albuquerque,
>NM? Possibly the Alamagordo area?  Around Holloman AFB possibly?
>I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I don't know exactly where it
>is I'm talking about.  All I know is south of Albuquerque, down I-25.

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