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CNN on spaceball and Reno

From: "James R. Graham" 
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 97 08:00:50 -0400
Subject: CNN on spaceball and Reno

Hi all,

I was watching CNN this morning and saw two interesting clips:

1. Apparently, the spaceball was a fuel pod that fell off a launch
vehicle (sorry, I didn't catch what kind) which was launching a satellite
whose purpose is to monitor space junk. Is that what they call irony?

2. Forgive me if I didn't hear this one correctly, but it seemed they
said that Reno, NV is in financial problems and one method they may use
to help out is to stage a "mock alien invasion complete with stirring
soundtrack, explosions, and a bombastic alien intent on taking over the
world." A bombastic grey--isn't that an oxymoron?


James R. Graham
Senior Assoc. Scientist
Genetics Institute
Research Computing

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