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The Laser Attack Aircraft

From: (Mickey W Kopanski)
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 10:05:06 EST
Subject: The Laser Attack Aircraft

For those who are unfamiliar. The USAF has been working on this for
sometime. The program "YAL-1A" is being headed by Boeing with TRW and
Lockheed-Martin to produce a flying Attack Laser aircraft using a
747-400F with a nose mounted high-energy laser. The current issue of
"Air Force" published by the Air Force Association has a good synopsis
of it. The aircraft will be operated by Air Combat Command and will be
able to detect, track, and shoot a ballistic missile in a range
described as "hundreds of kilometers". Seven aircraft are planned with
the first test aircraft ready to fly in 2002. Three operational
aircraft will be ready in 2006. Cost per aircraft is estimated at $750
million USD. No home base has yet been determined, but initial test
will be conducted at Edwards AFB, CA. The aircraft will maintain a
crew of six (large plane for six people) which the crew will have
between 40-100 seconds to locate, track, and fire on a missile. Cost
per laser fire $1000.

Mickey Kopanski
Chicago, IL

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