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Interesting Location!

From: Public Relations 
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 18:53:01 -0800
Subject: Interesting Location!


This is DL Sherman.  My publishers have informed me you have published a
page dedicated to my book.  I'm honored, as I have visited your pages a
few times before.  (I scan the UFO/alien related pages for any 1st level
accounts that I might recognize).

I felt compelled to jet out a message to you because I thought it was a
curious location for my story.... in the Area 51 section.  My story has
nothing to do with Area 51 and to be quite frank, I haven't much
knowledge of the place.  (I wish I did; my book would have been even
more earth shattering!)  Although, I have heard a great deal through the
"classified grapevine," but I have no 1st level accounts of anything
there.  Anyway..... just thought it was interesting to note.  You may
want to start a new area altogether.  The information that will soon be
released through my book will definitely warrant a new section.  Cheers!


P.S.  I liked your comments about WM Publishing's "pyramid scheme."
That's how I perceived it at first as well.  In the big picture though,
it's an excellent method of marketing such a high profile story.  But
that's not my area.  They're the marketers, I'm just the author. But
it's a subject that will cross all gender, education and nationality
lines.  It affects us all in a huge way.  There is a BIGGER picture out
there and very few people are aware of it. (Uh-oh, here I go sounding
like an X-File commercial ... I have to be careful of that...when the
media's imagination sometimes skirts the edges of reality it becomes
dangerous to the credibility of the truth.....)

Cheers again!

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