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Secret government stuff - Port Chicago Explosion

From: (guest login)
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:31:06 -0800
Subject: Secret government stuff - Port Chicago Explosion

On the subject of the secrecy maintained around the Manhattan Project, that
information did eventually come out. Something else that has never been publicly
disclosed (that I'm aware of ) is the so-called Port Chicago disaster. Port
Chicago was a naval port in Cal. and as I understand it, a ship lying at port in
the harbor suffered a collosal explosion, one that seemed of unusual interest to
gov't investigators. The speculation is that this event, which happened before
Hiroshima, was actuallly an accidental (or intentional depending on how paranoid
you are) atomic detonation. I know this sounds wacky and I did first read of it
in Nexus (grain of salt with every page). If anybody has any hard data on this
event I'd love to hear it.

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