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AF 2025 & Implanted brain chips.

From: "Randall J. Stachelrodt" 
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 12:00:33 -0800
Subject: AF 2025 & Implanted brain chips.

After reading the post on AF 2025 & the implated brain chip discussed
therein, I came across reference to the same technology in a completely
different source.

	I was reading the February, 1997 issue of "Computer Life", and there on
the bottom of page 44, I found the following quick blurb.

	"A penny for your thoughts.  No - don't say a work, just pull that chip
out of your brain and hand your thoughts right over.  In 30 years you
may be able to do just that.  Rumor has it that British
Telecommunications is cooking up a memory chip for the human brain, code
named Soul Catcher 2025 (its expected availability year).
	This tiny piece of circuitry would attach directly to your optical
nerve and store impulses that you could play back on a computer, or for
the full effect, implant in someone else's head!  According to one BT
scientist, a whole lifetime's experience could be squeezed into a mere
10 terabytes of space.
	So will our souls outlive our bodies?  BUZZ has some thoughts on this;
just wait until we implant 'em in your head.  -jessica Shattuck"

NOTE:  BUZZ in a feature column in the magazine.

     I found it interesting for two reasons.  One is that it is
apparently the same technology as the Air Force envisions.  And, two, it
has the same expected time of arrival, 2025.

	After doing a little searching, I found the following links to the Soul

and British Telecommunications themselves at:

As of this posting, BT's web page says the server is temporarily down
and to try again later.

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