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Sabotage of drones suspected at Fort Huachuca

From: "Myron W. Donnelly" 
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 05:04:29 -0800
Subject: Sabotage of drones suspected at Fort Huachuca

Sierra Vista Herald, Monday September 30, 1996

       Someone is apparently trying to sabotage the Hunter UAV program on
Fort Huachuca by placing rocks in areas of the aircraft, knowledgeable
sources said.
       The Army is offering a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest and
conviction of a suspect or suspects in conjunction with an investigation
into alleged tampering involving the Hunter, a post public affairs
specialist said.
       While someone is apparently tampering with the Hunters, the U.S.
House of Representatives has approved $12 million more for the program,
Ron Forman, spokesman for Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe, said.
       Neither Bill Lopez of the public affairs office nor Paul Boyce, a
spokesman for the Army's Criminal Investigation Command, would comment as
to what type of tampering occurred.
       Both said because the incident is under investigation they were
not at liberty to discuss specific information.
       Sources told the Sierra Vista Herald that small rocks had been
added to areas of the aircraft which could have caused a malfunction or a
       Boyce did say there were two incidents, one on Sept. 16 and the
other on Sept. 19.
I called and talked to the Sierra Vista Herald today, and the incidents
are still under investigation.

Myron W. Donnelly

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