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All about Area 51... New Mexico [Loon]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 17:24:29 -0800
Subject: All about Area 51... New Mexico [Loon]

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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 13:23:15 -0500
From: Shane hunter <>
Subject: [In_Search_Of] ufo's

hello all

this is about AREA 51.

this area 51 is off highway 371 in new mexico U.S.A.Since the 1950's this
vast area has been completly off limits to anyone whithout goverment agency
clearance.This particular area is so top secret that the warning signs on
the fences around advise trespassers that the agencies involved have
athority to use fatal force

       however this has not entirly stopped everyone from entering this
perimeter.Startling evedence from a series of source's prove conclusively
that the u.s. goverment have effectivly been using,testing and
investagating alien tecnology since the 1950's.

      This site has been strenuiously denied by the U.S. goverment as being
of any world wide signifcance but workers from the secret dessert militery
hide away have stated reports of the real goings on inside area 51.

      One such worker who refuse's to be named for fear of reprisals from
M.I.B's (men in black reportedly from unknown goverment agancies  who
intimadate and force UFO wittnesses into refuting there statements).has
given evedence that he himself has worked on at least two of eight alien
craft hidden in the base he describes the out side of the crafts as made of
some kind of metal but with no visible seams or joints,as if the craft were
made of wax melted molded into shape and cooled.

     Also this indrvidiual claims other workers at the base wore badges
whith the marking M.J (i can reveal that this marking could very well be
realted to MAGESTIC TWELVE,whitch was a covert operation started by
president harry truman shortly after the roswell incedent.This operation
alledgely brought together the forces of the top scientists, top
intelegence agencies and other such elite forces with the objectives to :
1 discover how this new technology works
2 harness its potential as a militery weapon
3 to keep other nations and indeed its own citizens unaware of this
startling discovery at all costs

              to recive other information about this area 51 and also to
hear about actual aliens at the base send me some posts

                                thanks shane

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From Glenn:

I've always wondered where the "secret desserts" were kept.

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