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Microsoft to offer Spy-inSky Photos

From: John Yeargin 
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 16:26:28 -0800
Subject: Microsoft to offer Spy-inSky Photos

Wall Street Journal  2-13-97  page B3.

Microsoft signs an agreement with Aerial Images Inc. to publish
once-secret satellite images taken by the Russian military.  The
satellite photos will be available on a Microsoft Web site, but details
of the arrangement are still being worked out.  Aerial Images of Raleigh,
NC has purchased the images from Sovinforsputnik, Russia's space
association.  The first pictures to put on the Web site were taken in the
1990's, with the latest taken last May.  The photos have a resolution of
one meter. and will be updated regularly.  The initial photos will show
Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Rome, and London.  They will
posted to the Web site within 9 months.  Customers will be able to view a
Russian satellite photo on Microsoft's Web site, then download it for a
$30 fee.  A shot will cover one square kilometer, or about half a square

Maybe they can be persuaded to post shots of Area51 and S4!!

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