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Re: AF Pilot UFO Sighting in Utah - Antelope Island

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 14:34:31 -0800
Subject: Re: AF Pilot UFO Sighting in Utah - Antelope Island

From: Wayne Busse <>
Subject: Re: AF Pilot UFO Sighting in Utah - Antelope Island
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 08:06:12 -0600

Have some info on the area where the AF pilots saw the UFO/lights
at the south of Antelope Island:

>Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 11:59:07 -0800
>From: [Withheld by Request]

> >I am an F-16 pilot in the USAF.  2 things.

> >2. One of my buddies in the squadron saw a UFO over the south part of
> >the Great Salt Lake 4 Nights ago.  Lotsa lights, etc.. etc.. It was
> >above a solid cloud deck and was illuminating the tip of a mountain
> >(roughly 2.5 sq miles) on Antelope Island with powerful lights.  THe tip
> >was the only portion of the island above the clouds....

Have been to Antelope Island in the last 6 months, when I was scouting
the Tooele and Dugway areas.

The highest point on the south of the island might be Mollys Nipple,
(Molly must have been well known; there's a Molly's Nipple south of
Hurricane, Utah too) but I think Stringham Peak and Frary Peak are higher.
If the F-16 was at 7000', that would have put the lighted area about
1000' below them.  There used to be a ranch there, but there's nothing
there now, as it's a  park,and it's pretty barren. Just some sagebrush,
bison, jackrabbits and coyote.

The whole north-central Utah area is pretty isolated, so lots could
go on without many people seeing it.

>A woman at Tooele (The town near the depot where the DOD destroys
>chems) saw "lights" and reported it to the paper and was told by the
>U.S. Air Force that it was a "rocket test" at our restricted area in
>northern Utah.

The Hill AFB bombing and gunnery range is directly west of the Salt Lake,
but I haven't heard of any facility capable of rocket launches there.
Now Dugway,.... there's lot's of Skunky stuff going on there.

Wayne Busse

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