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New contact for Area 51

Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 22:05:14 -0800
Subject: New contact for Area 51

I recently came into contact with with a man who claimed to have visited
Area 51. I didn't have a chance to talk to him for very long I'll talk to
him more at a later date. Here is what he told me:

There are no aliens at Area 51,it is a Black Projetc Jet building facility.
He refferred to it as a "Branch of the Nellis Range" which I find
interesting. He told me there are three projects currently underway. A
pulse jet which has rides on short bursts of a strong engine possibly with
a second system also. The "Aurora" Type jet,with high sweptback wings,it
has a top speed of mach 8,and finally the "Flying disk" it is capable of
extreme manuveors. It appears that all three have a problem with radiation
which leads me to believe that they run on some kind of nucleur propultion.
He also told me that no piolet was allowed to fly the crafts for long
periods because of this problem. If you have a question for him E-mail me
and I'll pass it on. If anyone can verfiy this information it would be
greatly appreciated.

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