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The Mother of All UFO Link Pages is now on-line!

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 19:29:01 -0800
Subject: The Mother of All UFO Link Pages is now on-line!

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out our "UFO Master Index" at

As the name implies, we intend this to be the master link guide to all UFO
content on the web. Instead of a simple list of links, this is a database
of hundred of separate listings grouped by topic, people and media.  There
are presently 800+ links and 200+ ufologists listed here, and we expect the
numbers to grow into the thousands.

Large UFO link pages have been attempted before, but this one is different,
mainly because we don't maintain it -- you do!  Anyone can add or change a
link, subject only to later review by our moderator.

Our database is a tree structure similar to Yahoo, but it is tailored
specifically to the UFO and paranormal fields, where investigations hinge
as much on personalities as on lights in the sky. We give you more
categories to choose from and more ways to cross-reference information than
does any other index.  We also provide mechanisms for user comments and for
"reply links" allowing claims and investigations to be associated together.
We do not provide storage for web pages (apart from archived mailing
lists), but we do provide many ways to access existing pages.  We want to
provide the information you need when you need it and to assure that no
research, once placed on the web, is ever forgotten. To serve this mission,
we provide an environment that is refreshingly free of graphics, music,
moving animations, ideology or anything else that might distract from your

If none of this excites you right now, it will.  Because there are so many
options available in this new database, it might take a while to understand
how to effectively use them.

Here are a few examples of what is available:

-- See our UFO organizations page at Here
you will find 90+ organizations that have web sites, sorted by location. We
don't just list the English language pages, but pages in every language and
in every part of the world.  Anyone can add a new organization using the
"Add Link" option at the bottom of the page.  Here, you enter a URL, a
title and an optional description as you would expect, but you also have
many other available options as well.  In this case, you can enter a
country, state and city or region to the organization, assuring that it
will be sorted correctly on the location list.

For all index pages, the Add Link page appears the same, offering you a
wide variety of options: publication information, event date, location --
even GPS coordinates if that has some relevance. You can enter as little or
as much information as you have. The displayed entry is then sorted
according to what you entered.

After you create a new entry, it is displayed immediately on the index
page, but it is also queued to the moderator for review within the next few
days. To avoid the chaos of irrelevant submissions, the moderator has the
power to delete, move or change any entry.  The moderator does not "censor"
anyone for their views, but he does evaluate (a) whether the new entry is
directly relevant to the page, and (b) whether the entry contributes new
information that has not been linked before. The moderator wants facts and
"content", not empty opinions, although he does not try to decide whether
the given facts are true. Each page has its own criteria for what is
relevant, and a basic description is usually given at the top.

-- Every ufologist has their own link page. For example, conspiracy
theorist Bill Cooper can be found at  Like other URLs on our site,
this address is a simple one that should be both easy to remember and
permanent.  Link to this address and you can be assured that you will
always find the most complete Cooper references available (provided other
users add them). This page contains links to the "official" Cooper home
page, web searches for Cooper, a Cooper portrait and user-supplied links to
Cooper-related documents -- be they pro, con or neutral.

The page itself is neither supportive of Cooper nor critical of him.  It is
simply a list of links.  If someone is involved in a conflict with this
person, both parties have equal opportunity to post their links here. We do
not pass judgement on the content of these documents, apart from confirming
that they are relevant. Only the author and the person who stores a page on
their server are responsible for its content.

On any of our pages, new claims can be posted as main entries.  Then,
secondary "reply links" can be added that lead to investigations, rebuttals
or supporting documents.  Readers now have access not only to the original
claim, but also to any interactions that went on afterwards -- perhaps
debunking, supporting or analyzing it.  It is up to the reader to decide
who is right or wrong, but at least he has the information he needs to make
that judgment.

-- See our topical page for "Moon/Mars Structures" at  The topic here is the Face on
Mars and any other claimed artificial structures on the planets or moons of
our solar system (apart from Earth).  Here you will find a list of some of
the ufologists actively involved in the field -- both supporters and
skeptics. This information is automatically cross-referenced from the
ufologist pages. Here you will also find links to external indexes, like
the Yahoo page on the Cydonia region.  Our Master Index is all-inclusive.
We do not compete with others but instead link those resources directly to
our own.

The links that end up on this page depend largely on what web surfers think
is important enough to post here.  Thus, individual users have a lot of
power.  While we are wary of people who might abuse our system and may have
to establish new safeguards to discourage it, we are committed to providing
an open forum with as few restrictions as possible.

-- See our UFO Sightings page at Here, existing sighting reports
from around the world are listed both by date and location. If this page
eventually becomes too big to work with, the webmaster will split it into
separate pages based on criteria that have yet to be decided.

-- See our UFO Conferences page at
Here you will find listings for conferences and major public events, both
future and past.  It is intended that conference entries will be retained
even after the event takes place. This gives people the opportunity to post
permanent reply links regarding what went on there.

-- On our Add Link pages, we support not only links but also references to
documents that are not on the net (e.g. "books", etc.). We cannot give you
the full content of every resource, but at least we can tell you that it
exists and where to find it. Thus, this database can index virtually all
known UFO resources on our present planet.

The amount of UFO material available on the web is immense, and only a tiny
fraction of it is indexed on our site so far.  So get to it!  We encourage
anyone to add links to these pages.  Whenever you stumble upon an
interesting document, please make sure it has an entry on the appropriate
index page. The only thing we ask is that the document be somehow
"interesting" -- not just a repeat of information already linked but
something that expands our base of data.


How does the Area 51 Research Center pay for such a complex system? (Why a
government grant, of course -- not!) Obviously, this has involved many
months of programming and a significant commitment of future labor to
monitor the submissions -- not to mention the cost of internet services. We
intend to support this massive index by inserting unobtrusive advertizing
at the bottom of some pages for the UFO books we sell through our catalog.

Unlike the link pages themselves, our advertizing is not neutral.  We sell
only books that we feel qualified to evaluate and can personally recommend
to others, and we will not sell advertizing to any outside party. To make
sure the advertizing is clearly differentiated from the rest of the index
page, it always appears with a purple background (on modern browsers) and
only at the bottom of the page, so it never interferes with browsing.  You
don't have to look at it, but it might offer something relevant to the
current topic.

We are far from making money, and we do not plan to do better than
breaking even.  If we ever do show a significant profit, that capital
will be put back into the website to fund additional services.

The mission is everything!

There may be a few bugs to work out, and we are always open to
enhancements, but the basic structure of the database is now in place, and
readers are invited to explore it.  If you would like to experiment with
our Add Link system without any risk of damage, visit our practice page at  Here you can add and modify entries
to your heart's content, and you will begin to see how powerful the system
can be.

Glenn Campbell

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