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Green Flash Meteor Revisited

Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 11:18:40 -0800
Subject: Green Flash Meteor Revisited

Ref. my posts in Dec, Nov of 1996. Seems like these
"meteors" are rather common in Southern CA. Makes
me want to re-roof with corrigated metal.

The Daily Press
Victorville, CA
"Twenty Years Ago"

     Officials at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles
believed a large fireball that streaked across the sky may have
fallen near Victorville.  The object, possibly a meteorite, was
blue-green in color and appeared to be trailing flames.  The
object was seem by many Los Angeles residents.

ME:  These green meteorites seem to be rather common around
the Mojave Desert area.  I'm wondering if people in other
parts of the country have knowledge of such happenings?  Oh,
yeah, now there's a big flap about sonic booms occurring on
a regular basis in Nevada and CA.  AF blames it on retired

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