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Nevada Hunter Shoots Space Alien!

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 19:24:52 -0800
Subject: Nevada Hunter Shoots Space Alien!

Just got my copy of the Weekly World News (which I subscribe to for
research purposes), Feb. 25 issue.

On page 8-9 is an exclusive story:  NEVADA HUNTER SHOOTS SPACE
ALIEN... just miles outside Area 51.

The dateline is Rachel, Nevada.  Seems a Rambo-type shot a innocent
alien, creating a bit of a government crisis as you might imagine.
Even President Clinton has been notified.  The article has a picture
of the alien in the back of a pickup truck out in the woods.

Hey, wait a minute... Woods?  I thought Area 51 was a desert.
No matter.  It was published in the Weekly World News, which is as
good as it being on Art Bell as far as I'm concerned -- it has to
be true.

The incident took place "minutes after dawn on February 2." The
marksman was 28 year old Mark Derone, who has since disappeared.
The alien is 7 feet tall but weighs only about 40 pounds.

"Hundreds of independent UFO investigators have flocked to the
area to search for additional information or clues of any kind,"
which ought to help business in Rachel.

Look for this issue at your local supermarket.  The headline on
the cover says: "ADAM & EVE HAD A BABY GIRL."

I'd scan it an put it on the web, but I work for the government,
and I don't want the news to get out.

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