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Re: New contact for Area 51

From: "Roger McSharry" 
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 10:51:41 -0500
Subject: Re: New contact for Area 51

> I recently came into contact with with a man who claimed to have visited
> Area 51. I didn't have a chance to talk to him for very long I'll talk to
> him more at a later date. Here is what he told me:
> He told me there are three projects currently underway. A
> pulse jet which has rides on short bursts of a strong engine possibly
> a second system also.
               (rest of message deleted)

    I have no claims to insider knowledge of this area, but I did visit
Freedom Ridge one day in 1994 (?) ...... was in Las Vegas for a conference
and felt I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Didn't see anything from the
hilltop except buildings.

    Driving back, though, I saw a contrail appear suddenly in front of me
in the valley I was driving through, about 20-30 min down the highway from
the Freedom Ridge turn-off. I looked and saw a discontinuous contrail
rapidly heading down the valley and gaining height. Stopping the car, I saw
a swept-wing jet making the trail and leaving my field of vision very

    The contrail began so low it was between the surrounding hills and my
vantage point (although I didn't see the plane itself there, or hear it).
The smoke trail seemed typical of a jet contrail (to my eye) except that it
was discontinuous.....the length of the segments was maybe 20-30 times the
width, with intervening areas of 3-4 times this length where there was no
contrail. This pattern continued all the way to the plane generating the

    I doubt any secret plane would be tested over a public highway in broad
daylight, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether this contrail pattern
can be seen in any standard military jets?

    The contrail gradually dissipated while I watched for ten minutes or so
on the side of the road. I couldn't see any contrail leading from the head
of the valley, and remain surprised a plane would be so low to the ground
as the contrail indicates it was...

                                                   Roger McSharry

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