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Spring Protest at NTS

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 20:05:52 -0800
Subject: Spring Protest at NTS

Michael Poirier ( notes that the annual Spring
protest at the Nevada Test Site is scheduled for March 31-April 4.

I'm not sure what it is they are protesting these days, but it
might be an interesting spectator event.

The following was excerpted from:


Activists and organizations working together generate significant
groundswells of public opinion and political pressure. Together, we
strengthen the national network of activists and organizations working on
nuclear disarmament, energy, and waste issues.

Gathering at the Nevada Test Site provides us with an opportunity to learn,
through hands-on experience, how to energize communities using non-violent
direct actions and events. Participants will learn numerous strategies to
generate public awareness and apply political pressure to impact national
and international nuclear issues.

Pre-Action Training Camp: March 23-26

We will gather on the land of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans in the
mountains overlooking NTS. Take part in nonviolence, media and organizer
training's, join affinity groups & plan for nonviolent direct action at NTS.

Critical Mass Action: March 31

To Break the Nuclear Chain During this special day, all participants from
Lenten Desert Experience, Healing Global Wounds, and Action for
Nuclear Abolition are invited to join in a day of unity to shut the test
site down.

Nonviolent Direct Action Camp, March 31- April 4

Five days of creative nonviolent direct action including blockades, parades,
and actions to:

                   SHUT THE TEST SITE DOWN!!!


But I thought the Nevada Test Site WAS shut down, for all practical
purposes.  The chances of full scale testing ever resuming are virtually
nil.  The chances are also slim that any new nuclear power plants will
be built in the US, and all the existing ones are destined for eventual
closure.  Most of what the Test Site is now doing is finding ways to
manage the by-products of the nuclear era, which aren't going to magically
go away.

The nuclear opponents won!  So what are they now protesting?

That said, I love a blockade!  Traditionally, this consists of
protestors blocking the road to the Test Site or chaining themselves
to the cattle guard until they are arrested.  Hopefully, there will
be fake blood dumped on the road, and protesters will go limp as the
police approach.

Bring lunch and a camera.


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