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Magic at Area 51

From: Brad Hodges 
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 12:49:51 -0500
Subject: Magic at Area 51

According to a review in today's New York Times, the magician Lance
Burton opens his special, Lance Burton, Master Magician: The Encounter,
airing tonight, Monday the 24th, at Area 51.

I quote critic John J. O'Connor:

The ``encounter'' of the title suggests alien high jinks and, sure enough, the
show opens in Area 51 of the Nevada desert [Certainly he means outside of
Area 51] which, Mr. Burton says, is the Government's ``U.F.O. ground
zero.'' Hoping to make a U.F.0. appear out of thin air, he calls up a
special-effects vision of a spacecraft that will transport him, and the
viewer, to his very own Lance Burton Theater at the Monte Carlo Hotel in
Las Vegas, Nev. As he so aptly puts it, ``I guess it just depends on what you
want to believe.'' So much for the encounter.

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