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Area 51 on ET

From: Joseph C Y------ 
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 09:19:55 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Area 51 on ET

I skipped seinfeld last night to watch Entertainment tonight because they
had a clip about Area 51.  Gillian Anderson (aka Scully) was hosting some
paranormal show on The Learning Channel and they planned on doing an
episode on Area 51.  Bob Lazar was on for a spell(although I don't think
they said his name) and they showed the same old crap with long distance
photo's etc.  Nothing interesting, but The Learning Channel show may be
interesting.  Has anyone else noticed that Bob lazar seemes to be coming
out of his shell? I seem to spot him on television quite a bit now a days.
Maybe he see's the window of opportunity closing and wants to cash in
before Area 51 becomes another flavor of the month turned bland.

"How do you shoot the devil in the back..What if you miss?"
Joseph C Y------ jcy@U.Arizona.EDU

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