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$5 Groom Lake Satellite Image Available

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 09:24:38 -0800
Subject: $5 Groom Lake Satellite Image Available



Area 51 Satellite Image Poster is the first affordable satellite image
available to the public. This detailed black-and-white image shows both the
Groom Lake and Papoose Lake areas, with detail sufficient to count the
buildings and judge the quality of the roads. We are not exactly sure where
this image came from, since the original arrived from an indirect source,
but it is probably not classified. This image is consistent with others
available from the Russians for hundreds of dollars. Our price of five
bucks is rediculously low, but we think the image should be available to
everyone. The state of runway construction suggests that the photo was
taken in the early 1990's. The image covers an area of aproximately 12
miles by 20 miles. That's 240 square miles you just can't get to, and this
poster may be the best overview you'll have of it. -- Glenn [tm/gc 2/26/97]
- #sat {poster} $5.00

Size: 16-1/2"x25"
Area 51 Research Center, Feb. 1997

Price: $5.00
Item Code: sat
Postage Code: poster

As we were working late one night at the Research Center (It was a dark and
stormy night.), we heard some faint scuffling noises on the doorstep.
Cautiously opening the door (fearful of certain drunken bar owners), we
were surprised to find a bundle in a basket. The attached note said the
former owner was unable to properly care for this package any longer, and
perhaps it would have a better home and future with the Research Center.
Unwrapping the swaddling, what did we find, but a satellite image of our
favorite secret base!

As is obvious from the origins of this orphaned image, we have little hard
data on its background. It appears the original B&W photo, from which this
poster was produced, has a resolution of about 2-5 meters. Certainly not of
the "license plate reading" category, but still a generous source of
intelligence data. People knowledgeable of Groom history suggest that it
was taken around 1991. Beyond that, we know little, but have grown to love
it as one of our own.

Naturally, since this is a poster and not a photographic print, there is a
slight loss of resolution due to the halftone screening process, and the
contrast is not quite as bold as we would like. This is offset by being
able to offer them at a much lower price than a comparable photographic
print. Still, buildings, roads, toxic waste dumps and major features are
plainly visible, and the image provides an invaluable reference guide to
the entire Groom/Papoose area. Here's a little piece of the black world you
can hang in your office or den, and the Research Center brought it to you

The image on the poster is about 14" by 23" in size, and has a scale of
approximately 1" = 0.85 miles (1:53,800). The poster is printed on glossy
white stock.

Orientation: Top is north (when "Groom Lake, Nevada" is at bottom). Rachel
is out of view above the top of the image.

Some highlights on the image:

1.Shows the entire extend of the Groom Lake base, including the full length
of both runways.

2.The entire Papoose lakebed is seen. What is most interesting about the
area is there's nothing there -- not the slightest hint of buildings or
construction. All the roads in and out of the area appear to be narrow,
unmaintained "two-tracks."

3.The entire Papoose Mountain Range is shown. A maintained road is clearly
seen leading from the west side of the Papoose Range deep into the

4.Area 13, site of a plutonium dispersal test, is visible as a
pelican-shaped scar in the upper right.

5.A similar scar north of the Papoose lakebed suggests either a range fire
or another dispersal test. (One non-alien rumor about the Papoose area says
that some particularly nasty and still unannounced nuclear experiment went
on there.)

6.The entire extent of this image is on restricted land you cannot visit.

7.Not shown: Freedom Ridge and White Sides, Bald Mountain, Rachel, Route

[For more info see:]

Priority Mail postage is $4 (for one or more copies).

Area 51 Research Center
PO Box 448
Rachel, NV 89001

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