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Tooele Confusion

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 22:40:52 -0800
Subject: Tooele Confusion

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 08:34:50 -0700
From: Randy Johnson [Air Force Address]
Subject:  Tooele


I've lived in Tooele.  Graduated from Toele High '66, My father worked at
the depot there my brother-in-law and brother still do.  This area is in
north/east Utah, maybe 400 miles (as the crow flies) from Area 51.

There is no hills on the depot and no buildings on a hill.  I do not remember
any hanger on the base just shops for overhauling military vehicles and
storing chemical weapons.

I have as a civilian/non military been on the base/depot and lived in the
area for several years and have not seen or heard anything about UFO's
at Tooele Army Depot.

The writer must have his wires crossed,or be a dim bulb to think TAD is
Area 51.

I do have some knowledge of the area.  My home email is


From Glenn:

I don't think anyone said there were hills at Tooele.

The original message concerned Dugway, "50 miles S. of Toella, UT".


BTW: I note, above, that even a native can mess up on "Toele" spelling.

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