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From: Toby Wells 
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 12:15:27 +0000
Subject: Area 51 Video Reference

Dear Area 51 mailing list,

I am an avid reader of your list and visit the site regularly. Today I was
reading a UK daily newspaper The Times (what we in the UK would refer to as
a quality paper) and found the following article in the World News section. but you have to register to get access (this
is free)


The Pentagon is bracing itself for calls from conspiracy theorists after
news that Area 51, a top-secret site where the American Government tests
stealth aircraft and is alleged to have held captured UFOs, has been
revealed on camera (Anjana Ahuja writes).

The film, made in 1964, does not record details of the site but shows a
scientist chalking on a blackboard the phrase "move out to Area 51". The
authorities have never acknowledged the site, and often deny its existence.

The footage was uncovered by Hugh McDaid while shooting Robot Warriors, a
documentary on unmanned aircraft.

According to Mr McDaid, the film was a top-secret briefing film for
military and intelligence  personnel. The scientist shown writing on the
blackboard was Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, who designed the Lockheed U2 spy

The refusal of the USAF to confirm or deny anything regarding the site has
fuelled speculation that it is a cover for something more sinister than
testing new aircraft. Some believe the US Government has captured flying
saucers and used the base to conduct experiments on the vehicles and their

=A9 Copyright The Times newspaper 1997

Best regards
Toby Wells


Toby Wells
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