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AREA 51: Green Flash / meteor?

Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 11:15:35 -0500
Subject: AREA 51: Green Flash / meteor?

After reading your archived newsletters I would like to add a note to the
'green flash / meteor' event.  The night of the TWA crash I was listening to
CBS radio, 880 AM, and many of the people interviewed about seeing the plane
blow up reported a 'green' trail approaching the plane before it exploded.
 There were at least 100 eye witnesses and many referred to the green trail.
Also, I seem to remember hearing about a meteor being visible during daylight
over Arizona, New Mexico and California about a week after the crash.
But this was a very busy meteor year, if I'm not mistaken.. it was in Maine
anyway.  More meteors visible than normal, during the summer.
Another note - There was mention of an atomic accident (power plant? msg.
#12, Oct, 18, '96) that might refer to an accident at Ft. Dix in NJ.  It
happened a long time ago and there is a large area that has been covered in
concrete.  Sorry, I don't know the details.  I grew up about 30 miles from
there and it was mentioned but I wasn't privy to details.
I really like your newsletter.

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