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NTS Tour Suggested Itinerary

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 20:18:27 -0800
Subject: NTS Tour Suggested Itinerary

[Paul McGinnis offers these suggestions for our April Test Site tour.
Unfortunately, if you're not signed up already, the tour is full. -- GC]

I'd like to visit the following places at the NTS (in order of priority), if

(1) the new Lyner Complex in Area 1, that will be used for "subcritical"
(i.e., no nuclear explosion) weapons tests, a place that has caused arms
control problems for the U.S.

(2) the road loop (Buckboard Mesa Rd. and Pahute Mesa Rd.) through the remote
Areas 19 & 20.

(3) the new Big Explosives Experiment Facility (BEEF) in Area 5, where large
scale conventional explosions will be studied.

(4) It would be interesting taking NTS Road 9-01, Papoose Lake Road, to the
Test Site border with Nellis Air Force Range, just to show that nothing is
out there, and to counter Lazar's claims. (NOTE: this is a dirt road, which
may be a problem for a bus.)

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