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Campbell's Letter-to-Editor to Newsweek

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 10:48:49 -0800
Subject: Campbell's Letter-to-Editor to Newsweek

                                                          Dec. 31, 1996

Letters to the Editor
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New York, NY 10019
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Dear Editor:

The article in your year-end issue, "Conspiracy Mania Feeds Our National
Paranoia," misquoted me regarding aliens and Area 51. "There is alien
contact with the military," I am quoted as saying, but "I don't have proof
other than what I hear from my sources at Area 51." I do not recall using
these words, but if I did they were taken out of context.

I have no sources at Area 51. This facility, otherwise known as Groom Lake,
is a classified air base in the Nevada desert. It is America's traditional
testing ground for top secret aircraft and related systems, including the
U-2, the A-12 and early versions of the F-117A.  Employees at the base,
most of whom live in Las Vegas, face severe federal penalties for
discussing it in any form.  Knowing this, I have never attempted to
communicate with any of them, and none have ever tried to contact me. To my
knowledge, I have never claimed otherwise.

I have had contact with many former workers. Technically, they are still
under security restrictions, but as the years since employment pass, they
seem comfortable talking about general aspects of the base.  Not
surprisingly, their opinions on UFOs are as diverse as the general
population.  Many regard these stories as utter nonsense.  Some say they
have worked for secret government programs all of their careers and have
never seen any hint of alien involvement.  Others insist, with equal
certainty, that parts of the government know more than they are telling
about UFOs and that direct contact with aliens has taken place.  Both
viewpoints are purely anecdotal, and I try to treat both with equal
respect.  As I see it, this is the way of explorers and scientists.

Perhaps your reporter heard me describe a scenario, not express my belief.
To say a story is plausible and is worthy of investigation is different
from saying it is true.  As a researcher, it is my responsibility to
reserve judgment and let each story speak for itself.

Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center
Rachel, Nevada

By Fax and FedEx
Airbill #6551802736


[Reporter was Trent Gegax who visited me in Rachel for a few minutes in
April 1996 when reporting on the ET Highway. --GC]

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