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Re: Emergency landing at Area 51

From: Jilain 
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 16:30:19 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: Emergency landing at Area 51

At 06:36 AM 1/7/97 -0500, you wrote:

>To whom it may concern:
>	My mother just recently told me that the passenger airliner that she
>rode in made an emergency landing at Area 51 while she was on the way to
>Las Vegas from San Francisco. She told me that they were forced to land
>there because there was a high wind advisory and that no planes were
>allowed to land at the airport. Because her airplane did not have enough
>fuel to remain in the holding pattern, they radioed in permission to
>land at Area 51. She told me that while the plane was on the ground, her
>jetliner was surrounded by at least 10-15 military vehicles. All of them
>had their machine guns trained on the airplane. While the passengers
>were waiting, the air force refueled the plane and let the plane take
>off with a full fighter escort out of the restricted airspace. She told
>me that she was on the ground for approximately 30 minutes. All hangars
>were closed shut and all she could see were the soldiers and military
>vehicles. I was supposed to go to Las Vegas with her... That was
>definitely one trip I should have taken with my mom!!!! Some people have
>all the luck. I just wished that she could have taken some pictures. She
>told me that some of the passengers were able to take snapshots of the
>base from within the cabin. Maybe you could post a message asking if
>anyone has photographs available... If you need to reach me, my address
>is Just think, most people can't get close to Area
>51 but my mother was right smack dab in the middle of area 51.
>					speedyzx.

Hi.  I would like to make a few remarks/observations about this posting:

1 - more than likely all windows would have been ordered closed by order of
the Air Force.  I doubt if a free-for-all of picture taking would be allowed.
2 - I would think that, if this civilian plane did actually land at Area 51,
there would have been security personnel on board the plane from the minute
it stopped rolling on landing to the moment it started rolling again for
3 - I don't understand why they would get a fighter escort on take-off, and
not on landing.  Seems to me that an escort would have been sent up to
verify that it was indeed the civilian craft it was claiming to be.
4 - I would think that, if it did indeed land at Area 51, it would have been
directed to the farthest end of the runway and refuelled there by a truck,
away from buildings and hangars and such.

All in all, a nice little story but I have to seriously question the validity.
My apologies to your mother.


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