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Discovery Channel UFO Series, Jan 12 repeat worth taping

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 15:28:55 -0800
Subject: Discovery Channel UFO Series, Jan 12 repeat worth taping

The Discovery Channel program on Area 51 that ran on Tuesday is well worth
watching when it is re-run on Jan. 12.  Set your VCR on the Discovery
Channel from 1-5pm for the full series, probably a keeper.  (Check local
listings.) We were all impressed with the producer of the show, who put
tremendous energy into it.

Of course, there are no revelations in the Area 51 show, but a few
interesting tidbits appear.

-- There were some excellent aerial shots of the base, taken from a private
aircraft looking across the border.  (Someone should frame-grab these and
put them on the web.)

-- Lazar gives his usual fine performance describing the flying saucers,
projecting a sincerity that is hard to fake. How does he do that?  In
spite of all the evidence to the contrary, I find it almost impossible not
to believe the guy when he talks about being in the hangars with the craft.

-- Tom Mahood gives counterpoint, describing his inability to find Lazar's
educational records.  Mahood seems to leave the door open, however, saying
that if Lazar had these experiences, they didn't happen as he says.

-- The polygraph examiner who tested Lazar describes his own emotional
"roller coaster ride" while interrogating Lazar.  When he asked questions
about Area 51, Lazar seemed deceptive, but when Lazar described the craft
themselves, the examiner saw no signs of deception and was quite startled.

-- Knapp seems to gloss over Lazar's credentials problems, suggesting that
MIT has a lot of government contracts, so could be pressured to wipe out
Lazar's records. (What a load of bull!)

-- Knapp also says that he had someone he knows who works at Area 51 talk
to Lazar about routine aspects of Area 51 -- the cafeteria, etc -- and
found Lazar to be genuine.  (Funny, I also know a former Area 51 worker who
asked Lazar similar questions and found him evasive.  This person regards
Lazar as a complete fraud.)

Where does this lead?  The most generous theory I can come up with is that
Lazar had these genuine experiences with government flying saucers -- but
not in Nevada.  Perhaps it was at Los Alamos or White Sands, but the part
about working at "Area S-4" south of Area 51 is a lie, cooked up from
secondhand sources.  Perhaps he washed out of a program in NM in the
mid-1980s, and he later latched onto Lear as a way to tell his story.

I can dream, can't I?


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