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What we experienced at Are 51!!!!

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 13:28:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject: What we experienced at Are 51!!!!

To whomever reads this....

.     My wife and I are avid UFO enthusiasts.  We were in Laughlin for some
gambling fun,  and thought that a little trip down the Extraterrestrial
Highway would break up the monotony of loosing all our money, so we headed
for Area 51 and Rachel.

      On the night of Tuesday Jan. 7,  at around 11:30 pm Pacific time,  we
entered the area and proceeded to hunt for the main gate to Area 51.  We
weren't having any luck as the labrinth of dirt roads out there can be
confusing.  So we decided that a little star gazing would be enough....  At
this point we weren't real sure which direction Area 51 was.  So we turned
off the lights while parked on some kind of mound that held a huge tank of
some sorts.  After sitting for about a minute we saw something moving above
the north horizon.  It was twinkling like a star but had moved enough for
both of us to recognize that it wasn't a star.  It didn't have a specific
flash,  just random twinkling.  We noticed that it went straight up and down,
and back and forth.  We also observed a hovering ability on the craft.  I
know that this is a military installation and that we were probably being
watched and or listened to.  So I ruled out extraterrestrial activity.

        We watched the craft do several manuevers that were inconsistant to
any conventional craft I've seen to date.  It hovered approx. 2000 feet from
the tops of the mountain range it was over.  Then it did a series of loops
and what looked like rolls.
After the object dipped below the mountain range we decided to get a little
closer to the objects testing area.

        After driving a few miles north on one of the bigger dirt roads,
 sure enough we ended right in front of the gate to area 51.  We sat there
reading the 7 or 8 warning signs,  and wondering what would happen if we
crossed the line.  My wife is a Photographer so she noticed the sign that
stated there was to be no photography in this area...  And then it threatened
arrest if we failed to comply.  So,  being the photographer she is,  she took
a photo of the sign that said not too.  Well you know what happened then.  A
truck that unknowingly to us was sitting right in the path of the flash,  lit
up like a christmas tree and started down the mountain he was hiding on.  Of
course we did an immediate about face and proceeded,( AT 90 MPH),  to get the
you know what outta there!!!!  The security vehicle pursued us for what
seemed an eternity and then broke the chase.

         After my wife and I smoked a pack of cigarettes,  we finally calmed
down enough to enjoy the experience.  We then drove off the Etraterrestrial
Highway and stopped at a Texaco where a man who had just been interviewed by
the Discovery channel,  told us about what we may have seen.  He said that
the military is testing a new stealth fighter that supposedly has hover
capabilities.  If this is true,  I think the military has some sort of craft
to steal technology from.  I've worked around aircraft for many years and
this craft handled like no other I'd seen....

and Kathie Scott

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