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DoD assessment of the internet mentions MUFON

From: "James R. Graham" 
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 08:15:24 -0800
Subject: DoD assessment of the internet mentions MUFON

I also found this that may or may not bbe relevant to our discussion.
Full text: Note:this is an excerpt.



Prepared by  Mr. Charles Swett Assistant for Strategic Assessment
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and
Low-Intensity Conflict (Policy Planning)  Room 2B525, the Pentagon
703-693-5208 17 July 1995

Still other kinds of interest groups have moved online. Groups of
conspiracy theorists exchange e-mail explaining their often bizarre
theories about conspiracies conducted by the U.S. government in general and
DoD in particular. A much better organized gr oup, the Mutual UFO Network
(MUFON), has its own computer network with a gateway to the Internet. Much
of the traffic on this network refers to U.S. military operations that
members believe relate to investigations and cover-ups of UFO-related
incidents, and other messages contain details on MUFON's efforts to conduct
surveillance of DoD installations and to obtain information on UFOs that
they believe exists in classified form.

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