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"Hangar 18", the song - connection w/ Area 51?

From: "Jeremiah Burch" 
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 07:58:23 -0800
Subject: "Hangar 18", the song - connection w/ Area 51?

I have a question about something.  I have just recently been wondering about
Area 51 and everything connected with it.  I have been listening to music for
years and one of my favorite bands is Megadeth.
On their album "Rust In Peace" (1990, Capitol Records), they have a song called
"Hangar 18"  The song deals with a government base with alien research going
on, just like Area 51.  In a show on MTV from around 1991 they were skydiving
in Nevada and Dave Mustaine, the lead singer, pointed to some mountians and
said that Hangar 18 was located over them.  I was wondering if Hangar 18 is a
part of Area 51, maybe the exact location on the base of the ship recovered at
Roswell or something like that, or if it's a completely different deal, maybe
something Megadeth made up to use Area 51 in a song without mentioning it
directly.  I've been all over several websites on both Area 51 and Megadeth and
haven't been able to figure it out yet.  I can only assume that it's part of
Area 51 but I've just recently begun learing about it so I thought I'd ask some
people who knew a lot more about it
to find out.  Anyone with any info on this who could let me know, I would
greatly appreciate it.

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