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RE: Disc. channel UFO worth taping

From: Tony Borroz 
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 00:54:41 -0800
Subject: RE: Disc. channel UFO worth taping


I have to put in my 2 cents worth.

I think all of the shows were quite well produced ..

The interesting tid bit that I noticed was in the computer graphics of
the hangers at Area S-4. In addition to the indavidual freeze frame
shots of 2 - 4 indavidual craft, they did a nice fly-through type of
shot. In addition to Bob Lazar's Sport Model, there were also shots of
others that he had mentioned before (i.e. the Top Hat model, & the
Jell-o Mold). What I did find interesting was that there was one brief
shot of a craft that looked like a rounded off delta shape with verticle
control surfaces.

What's interesting to me about this one particular craft, is that it
looks a LOT like a sketch made of the crashed craft from Roswell. This
scketch was drawn and shown in the British produeced (BBC?) Roswell
documentary that was shown on cable (TLC, DFiscover or A & E). There was
one older fellow that I had never heard of before (sorry, but I can't
remember his name at the moment), but he stated that he was part of a
secret Government organization called "The Nine." At any rate, he stated
that he had been at the crash site, saw the craft and the bodies, yadda
yadda yadda, and the craft he saw looked like this (they showed a
picture). Same type (delta planform, blended fusalage & "wing", inward
canted vertical control surfaces) as shown on the latest Discovery
channel show.

As someone who works in broadcasting, I can see the inclusion in the
Discovery channel show for any one of the following reasons:

1 - Lazar could have described ALL of the craft that he saw at S-4 when
the bay doors were open, and the producers rendered and included all of

2 - The producers wanted to show a bunch of different craft (e.g.
because Boib Lazar didn't describe all of them) and only had 2 - 4
descriptions from Lazar, and they went out looking for other desticitve
craft to render, and did a version of the non-disc shaped craft from the
other British documentary.

2a - Does anyone know if the same people who did this series were also
the same people that did the nicely produced Roswell documentary?? If
they did, they could have said in a production meeting:  "Okay, let's do
some graphics of what the S-4 hanges were like to go over the interview
section we've got with Lazar. And fill them with saucers, we can even
include the one that guy mentioned from the last show we did."

Besides that one fact that jumped out at me, the whole series did seem
like a really nice & well thought out series.

Sure, set your VCRs.


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