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From: "A.J. Craddock" 
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 13:08:30 -0800
Subject: HACKER.TXT update

>in an unrelated question does anyone here know about or been to
>the web site   It is the network information center
>for the the Defence Data Net I think,

I used this site quite extensively together with other search tools when
researching the computer domain names in the notorious HACKER.TXT document
which supposedly contained the area 51 domain names.

This was obtained from the Appendix to Whitley Streiber's book "Breakthrough".

Interestingly, many of the addresses for non-area 51 addresses were indeed
correct.  However all the supposed Area 51 addresses turned out to be some
military addresses in Germany.

My gut feeling is that at the time it surfaced in 1993, the addresses may
have indeed been area 51 addresses, but that all the sensitive addresses
have now been changed.  However the non-sensitive ones have not been.

Either that, or it was all disinformation in the first place.

Not to be preachy, but I was a little disappointed that no-one else on the
list apparently put in the spade-work necessary to research this potential
nugget of information.

Tony Craddock

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