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How to get to Giant Rock and Integretron, CA

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 21:16:04 -0800
Subject: How to get to Giant Rock and Integretron, CA

On the way back to Vegas from Southern California I dropped by at the
Integretron to see if it was still for sale.  The integretron is a dome
shaped building designed by 1950's contactee George Van Tassel to channel
alien energy in some manner that is not entirely clear to me. Anyway, for
those interested in UFO history, here is how to get there and how to get to
nearby Giant Rock, a popular gathering point for 1950s believers awaiting
alien contact.

Both are in the Mojave desert about 12-15 miles north of Yucca Valley,
which itself is about 2 hours east of Los Angeles.  From the junction of
Routes 62 and 247, go about 12.5 miles north on 247 to Linn Road. Turn east
on Linn Road, and go three miles until you see the domed building.  The
road is paved all the way there.

About a year ago, the building was for sale, but the for-sale signs are now
gone, as are the signs describing the Integretron to visitors. There used
to be periodic tours of the building, but it isn't clear whether they are
still being held.  You'll probably have to be satisfied with what you can
see from the road.

Giant Rock is about three miles away on a sandy dirt road that any vehicle
can handle.  From the Integretron, continue on Linn Road, which turns to
dirt.  Bear left at the first fork.  About 1.5 miles later, you'll
encounter another fork.  Keep right here and go another 1.5 miles until you
come to it -- a giant rock.  This is a spectacular place for a landing,
better than Devil's Tower in my estimation.  It appears to be BLM land.

There used to be a dwelling underneath the rock.  A hermit lived there
until a standoff with Sheriff's deputies in which the hermit blew himself
up with dynamite.  You can find the story of both the Integretron and Giant
Rock in David Darlington's Mojave book. See

One interesting thing I encountered a mile or two north of Giant Rock were
old signs for a Marine Corps Gunnery Range -- outside the boundaries of the
Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base.  It suggests that the military land was
nearly adjacent to Giant Rock at one time -- a sinister connection for a
major UFO landing zone.

If it is BLM land, Giant Rock would be an ideal location for an all-night
Interceptors vigil to await the arrival of our Space Brothers.  The
location is isolated enough that there are no man-made lights visible and
the sky is clear. Maybe some weekend this spring would be good.  If we all
hold hands and send out our love to them, maybe they will come!!!

The GPS coordinates:
Integretron: 34deg17.637', 116deg24.220'
Giant Rock: 34deg19.946', 116deg23.269'

 More Info (2001)


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