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Badge Security on Janet Flights

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 21:55:23 -0800
Subject: Badge Security on Janet Flights

These are supposedly the ID procedures on the Janet planes.  This
info came from an aquaintance who says they know someone who takes
the planes regularly.

At the entrance gate to the parking lot, you show your badge to the
guard (but you don't wear it).

Upon getting on the plane, you show your badge to the attendant to
get on the plane (but don't wear it).

When on the flight, you put on your badge, and you can't get off the
plane at 51 unless you are wearing it.  If you are not wearing
a proper badge, they keep you on the plane and send you back to Vegas.

That's all the info passed on to me (in the course of a casual
conversation with the acquaintance).  I have no idea what happens
after you get off the plane at 51.  More checks?

If the place works like the Nevada Test Site, then I assume that
upon leaving the plane, the guard has to physically touch your badge
before you can get off. Touching the badge is a convention that forces
the guard to look at the badge every time and not just wave through
familiar looking faces.


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