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Aerial "Hockey Puck" video taped in Phoenix

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 07:58:04 -0800
Subject: Aerial "Hockey Puck" video taped in Phoenix

[This report is not very satisfying, but Arizona, Utah and Mojave
Desert are part of our area of UFO interest for this mailing list, so we
ought to pass it on. -- GC]

From: (Tom King)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 09:18:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Video from Phoenix continues.

Last week a local skywatcher in the Phoenix area videotaped a strange
looking black ball flying over the valley. The object returned on Sunday
January 12th and Mike DeVarennes taped this strange object again. Except
this time the object was much closer than last time and was hovering at a
very low altitude. The video shows a black puck type object hovering with
the camera locked down on a tripod and trees are seen on both sides of the
object. The most interesting thing about this one is the rapid start and
stops the object makes. It does a quick series of 180 degree turns and bobs
like its on water. Also noted it appeared in almost the same spot as the
last video at nearly the sametime of day and just over 1 week apart. Making
this the second video shot in Phoenix and 1997 has barely begun!

Tom King


Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 07:47:34 -0800
To: (Tom King)
From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Subject: Re: Video from Phoenix continues.

You ought to publish more specifics about this.  Ideally, you
should create a page on the web and let us know the URL

A link can then be made to it from one of the index pages on
our server like

Glenn Campbell

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